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Ted Kessler

Ted Kessler

Ted Kessler has written for NME, Q, The Observer and many other publications.

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Arthur Lee, Love: Arthur Lee: Winter of Love

Overview by Ted Kessler, New Statesman, January 2003

MANY outrageous claims have been made on Arthur Lee's behalf — but most of them are true. ...

The Beastie Boys: We Clamorous Beasties

Interview by Ted Kessler, NME, May 1994

The Beastie Boys, icons to the sunstruck, tattooed youth of California have set up every American boy's dream empire — clothes, fanzine, record label and ...

Jeff Buckley: Son Arise

Interview by Ted Kessler, NME, August 1994

Born with a voice to die for and a runaway father who follows him everywhere, JEFF BUCKLEY's wish not to discuss the late, great old ...

Coldplay: Happy Landings

Interview by Ted Kessler, Observer, The, July 2002

He worries about his hair, he worries about women and he worries about death. Chris Martin even worries about worrying. But with the launch of ...

Echobelly, Elastica, Gene, Oasis, Shed Seven: Oasis/Shed Seven/Elastica/Echobelly/Gene: EC Raiders

Report and Interview by Ted Kessler, NME, November 1994

Sacre bleurgh! Parisian hoteliers flee through the boulevards as la creme de Brit indie culture — i.e., OASIS, SHED SEVEN, ELASTICA, ECHOBELLY and GENE — ...

Happy Mondays: Shaun Ryder: "I look all right, don't I?"

Interview by Ted Kessler, Guardian, The, June 2003

Two years ago Shaun Ryder was finished. He had lost his money, his mates and the plot. With a new album out, he tells Ted ...

Jay Z: Jay-Z: Get Carter

Interview by Ted Kessler, Guardian, The, January 2003

America's favourite hip-hop artist Jay-Z is hanging up his mic. After all, what's left to talk about when you've achieved everything? Ted Kessler raps things ...

Missy Elliott: Missy in Action: Missy Elliott

Profile and Interview by Ted Kessler, Observer Music Monthly, August 2001

As a child, Missy Elliott sent daily letters and tapes to her heroes Michael and Janet Jackson, asking them to save her from abuse and ...

Naughty By Nature: Hammersmith Palais, London

Live Review by Ted Kessler, NME, June 1993

ALL THE WHITE LIBERALS in the house go: "Uh oh!" ...

Oasis: Liam Gallagher: Mad for it

Interview by Ted Kessler, Observer, The, June 2002

Liam Gallagher has it all: the looks, the voice, the blondes, the tabloid headlines. So why is the new album his last chance of rock ...

Shakira: Colombian Gold

Interview by Ted Kessler, Observer, The, July 2002

As a schoolgirl she drove the nuns crazy with her belly dancing, now she's got the world gyrating. Ted Kessler meets Shakira, the Colombian superstar ...

The Strokes: Great White Hopes

Report and Interview by Ted Kessler, Observer, The, December 2001

Twelve months ago they were an unheard of indie band. Today, they're being compared to The Rolling Stones. Ted Kessler goes on the road in ...

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