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Jesus & Mary Chain, The

Jesus & Mary Chain, The


The Jesus And Mary Chain: Stoned and Dethroned (Blanco y Negro)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, August 1994

WHEN YOU ARE the Jesus and Mary Chain and your life is willingly bounded by certain influences – let's rise once more from our orthopaedic ...


The Jesus & Mary Chain's Jim Reid (1986)

Interview by Ira Robbins, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1986

Jim Reid talks about their live show; guitar noise and pop noise; their treatment in the UK pop press; recording plans, and visiting the USA.

File format: mp3; file size: 23.8mb, interview length: 26' 02" sound quality: ***


The Jesus & Mary Chain: Three Johns, Islington, London

Live Review by Neil Taylor, New Musical Express, November 1984


The Jesus And Mary Chain: ICA, London

Live Review by Ralph Traitor, Sounds, December 1984

THE MUSIC of the Jesus And Mary Chain as a subject for intellection and rationale is a total non sequitur. There isn't any. However, as ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Like A Virgin

Profile and Interview by John Robb, ZigZag, February 1985

GLASGOW 1984 AND punk is dead (At last, positive punk had become a coral reef of untold disaster, sinking outfits such as Silly Death Cult ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Bawl and Chain

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, February 1985

THRASH! IS that the sound of the music business frantically searching in the debris of past trends for something new? Or is it The Jesus ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Chapter, Verse And Worse

Profile and Interview by Biba Kopf, New Musical Express, February 1985

I: BLAST! ...

Jesus And Mary Chain! A Riot

Report by Neil Taylor, New Musical Express, March 1985

Neil Taylor witnesses yet more violence at a Jesus And Mary Chain concert. ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Jesus Wept

Profile and Interview by Max Bell, Face, The, June 1985

ACCORDING TO MR Geoff Travis, chief of staff at the born again, doubly hip Rough Trade records (purveyors of high class pop to the gentry), ...

The Jesus And Mary Chain: Unchained Melody

Interview by Don Watson, New Musical Express, September 1985

Fourth single and an LP coming up? Surely THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN aren't becoming veterans? DON WATSON chronicles the rise of the best bit ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Psycho Candy (Blanco Y Negro BYN7 pre-release tape)*****

Review by Jack Barron, Sounds, November 1985

CHRIST! THE crucifixion of preconceptions on the Calvary of pop. ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Paint It Black

Interview by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, July 1986

"IT IS A bit of rock'n'roll cliche. I like it, but you are open to a slagging." ...

The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Motorcycle Boy: Rock City, Nottingham

Live Review by Neil Taylor, New Musical Express, September 1987


The Jesus & Mary Chain: Ah, Showbusiness...

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Q, October 1987

...the roar of the crowd, the smell of the greasepaint, the reverberating thud of boot through amplifer. Live sets lasting nine whole minutes. A riot ...

The Jesus And Mary Chain: In Never-never Pop Land.

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Observer, The, 1988

In their promo videos the Jesus and Mary Chain aim to be as disorientating to the eye as they are to the ear. Look again ...

Jesus & Mary Chain: Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow

Live Review by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, May 1988


The Jesus & Mary Chain: Automatic (Blanco y Negro)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, October 1989

"Don't let your life be the butt of the joke/Get your lips round a pure black Pepsi Coke" – 'Here Comes Alice' ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Automatic

Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, November 1989

THE BROTHERS REID have made an art form of abrasiveness: a first album that dragged you through thickets of distortion to reach the sweetness at ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: The Importance Of Being Angry

Interview by John Robb, Sounds, September 1990

Five years ago The Jesus And Mary Chain were the best pop band in the world, but with little mainstream media attention they've been overtaken ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Honey's Dead (blanco y negro)

Review by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, March 1992

WOULD WE have thought, seven long years ago, when news of The Jesus And Mary Chain swept the land like an ugly rumour, that we'd ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: A Spectacle Of Eclectic Rock

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Observer, The, March 1992

For a while it looked like The Jesus and Mary Chain had slipped into the ‘where are they now? file. "We’re lazy bastards," says William ...

Manual Overdrive: The Jesus And Mary Chain: Honey's Dead (blanco y negro BYNLP 26)

Review by Keith Cameron, Vox, April 1992

SINCE THEIR last album, 1989's impressive but thinly spread Automatic, a host of fledgling noise outfits have weighed in with claims for the Mary Chain's ...

Rollercoaster: Will and Jim's Excellent Misadventure

Live Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, April 1992

The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Blur: Glasgow SECC ...

Creation Records: Creative Accounting

Interview by Max Bell, Vox, April 1994

Primal Scream, Jesus And Mary Chain, Boo Radleys... Creation has nurtured a family of provocative rock rebels. Alan McGee looks back on the first ten ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Chain Reaction

Interview by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, June 1995

"I MUST REMEMBER," says Jim Reid, "never to come here again." ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Water Rat, London

Live Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, March 1998

THERE HAVE always been four steadfast rules regarding the Jesus And Mary Chain live experience. They don't talk, they never smile, they'd rather die than ...

The Jesus And Mary Chain: Snaps Crack-Ups and Strop!

Interview by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, April 1998

To find out if THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN are really "cracking up", we meet them in a pub with three photos from the past ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Welcome to the Resurrection

Interview by David Dalton, Uncut, June 1998

The most fearsomely iconoclastic anti-rock band since The Sex Pistols are back with a blistering new album. Stephen Dalton meets THE JESUS ANF MARY CHAIN ...

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Crash And Burn

Interview by Nick Hasted, Uncut, August 2000

FEBRUARY 2000. Seventeen months after the corpse of The Jesus And Mary Chain finally stopped twitching. In the claustrophobic interior of London's 12-Bar Club, a ...

Various Artists: Creation Records - International Guardians Of Rock'n'roll 1983-1999

Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, December 2000

Best of the late, legendary indie label ...

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