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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney


A Hard Day's Surfin' Safari: When Brian Met Macca

Memoir by Derek Taylor, World Countdown News, 1967

When Beatles press officer Derek Taylor swapped Swinging Britain for LA's Sunset Strip in 1965, he played a pivotal part in bringing the worlds of ...

Paul McCartney: Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)

Review by Tom Graves, Rock & Roll Disc, July 1991

I HAVE A MENTAL image of Paul McCartney that I carry in my heart like a mother's locket. It's one of those moody black ...


Paul McCartney (2003)

Interview by Johnny Black, Rock's Backpages Audio, March 2003

A long, free-flowing conversation, during which Paul talks about Phil Spector and Let It Be, on his relationship with Yoko and the "whose name first" saga, and the deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison, plus much more.

File format: mp3; file size: 75.8mb, total interview length: 1h 22' 44" sound quality: ****


Close-Up on Paul McCartney, a Beatle

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, August 1963

I WENT roof-climbing with the Beatles – up a rickety wooden ladder, over drainpipes, and past the huge chimney-pots of London's plush Washington Hotel. The ...

How A Beatle Lives, No. 4: Paul All Alone: Running Hard To Catch Up With The Music

Interview by Maureen Cleave, Evening Standard, The, March 1966


A Conversation with Paul McCartney

Interview by Miles, International Times, November 1966

THIS WAS recorded at Paul's house in Cavendish Avenue, Saint John's Wood in November 1966 for  International Times, known as  IT, the London Underground newspaper. ...

Mary Hopkin: Postcard

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, May 1969

POSTCARD IS AS much Paul McCartney's as it is Mary Hopkin's, which is to say that it is one of those albums on which the ...

Hey, Mr. Bassman

Overview by Lenny Kaye, Fusion, September 1969

THE ELECTRIC revolution that helped to spawn rock and roll also helped to popularize a whole new set of instruments to take along on its ...

Paul McCartney: McCartney (APPLE PCS 7102).

Review by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, April 1970

'The Lovely Linda'; 'That Would Be Something'; 'Valentine Day'; 'Every Night'; 'Hot As Sun'; 'Glasses'; 'Junk'; 'Man We Was Lonely'; 'Oo You'; 'Momma Miss America'; ...

Paul McCartney: Let It Be

Interview by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, April 1970

Your own dossier on The McCartney Affair: Paul replies ...

Paul McCartney: Your Friendly Press Agent Knew That The Day Would Not Be Easy

Report by Derek Taylor, Record Mirror, April 1970


Ringo Stars: Geoffrey Cannon on the Beatles' Solo Albums

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, Guardian, The, December 1970

Ringo Starr: Beaucoups of Blues; Paul McCartney: McCartney; John Lennon: John Lennon Plastic Ono Band; George Harrison: All Things Must Pass ...

The Paul Perplex: A British Commentary

Book Excerpt by Richard Williams, Giants of Rock Music, 1971

And here’s another clue for you allThe Walrus was Paul. ...

The Beatles: It's Open Warfare

Report by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, March 1971

Why Beatles ended in a sordid mudbath.It isn't coincidence that these solo singles have just been released, says Alan Smith ...

Paul And Linda McCartney: Ram (Apple)

Review by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, May 1971

Alan Smith assesses the McCartney Ram album and sums up with... PAUL, WHAT A MESS YOU'VE MADE OF IT! ...

At Home With The Lennons, Part 2

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, August 1971

In which
 John burns down the Beatles 'cause he loves 'em ...

Paul McCartney: Red Rose Speedway

Review by Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stone, July 1973

WHEN PAUL MCCARTNEY's television special was aired several weeks ago, one of the ostensible aims was to provide a semi-biographical glimpse of the inner man, ...

Paul McCartney

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, December 1973

WHEN THE Prime Minister, Royalty or a Rear Admiral makes a tour of inspection of a naval establishment, there is a flurry of activity among ...

The Rolling Stone Interview: Paul McCartney

Interview by Paul Gambaccini, Rolling Stone, January 1974

THIS JANUARY marks the tenth anniversary of the Beatles' appearance on the American charts. Last month Rolling Stone conducted its first full-scale interview with Paul ...

Linda McCartney: Silly Love Songs

Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, April 1976

ON A GREY and overcast winter afternoon, two men stand in the foyer of EMI Abbey Road Studios discussing plans for renovation. They are surrounded ...

Paul McCartney: The Yellow Perils Of Paulie

Report by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, January 1980

The Nips nabbed Big Macca last week as he allegedly lugged half-a-pound of marijuana through the Japanese customs. Is the naughty 'former Beatle' set for ...

Paul McCartney: McCartney II (Parlophone)****

Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, May 1980

MUCH AS I bless and honour the name of Paul McCartney, I haven't wholly enjoyed an album he's been involved with since McCartney and Ram ...

The Times Profile: Paul McCartney

Profile and Interview by Richard Williams, Times, The, January 1982

In the year of his 40th birthday Paul McCartney, the world's most successful pop musician, adjusts the record ...

Paul McCartney: Pipes Of Peace (Parlophone)

Review by Penny Reel, New Musical Express, November 1983

CONTRARY TO current feeling here at the NME and elsewhere, I personally nurture no antagonism towards Paul McCartney, nor regard him with any of my ...

Paul McCartney: An Innocent Man?

Interview by Chris Salewicz, Q, October 1986

Paul McCartney curls up on the couch and relives the Beatles’ story for the first time since the death of John Lennon. "He was one ...

Paul McCartney: Flowers In The Dirt

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, July 1989

Spiked by Costello, Paul McCartney is back in the pink ...

Paul Gets Back

Report and Interview by Nicholas Jennings, Maclean's, October 1989

ENGLAND WAS basking in an unseasonably warm and bright afternoon one day last week. Paul McCartney, however, was spending it enveloped by darkness and fog, ...

Paul McCartney: The Support Group

Report and Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, February 1990

They are a bona fide rock'n'roll family unit, in the magnanimous — if somewhat fanciful — view of their proprietor. And his band back him ...

Knebworth 90: The Billion Dollar Buskers

Live Review by Mat Snow, Q, August 1990

IN DAYS OF yore, the elders tell, the grassy slopes of Knebworth would resound to the pagan strains of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and ...

Paul McCartney: Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool

Live Review by Debbie Kruger, Vogue Australia, November 1991

THE CRITICS WERE cool, the public baffled, but for Paul McCartney his first "church gig" could only be seen as a success. Now the public ...

Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest and Come Together: Motown Sings The Beatles

Review by Gillian G. Gaar, Rolling Stone, June 1994

THROUGHOUT HIS CAREER, Paul McCartney has occasionally ventured into atypical musical genres anonymously or under an assumed name. In 1974, under the guise of the ...

Paul McCartney

Interview by Mat Snow, MOJO, November 1995

WHATEVER PAUL McCARTNEY is on in 1995, they should dump it in the water supply. Talcum-pink of complexion and trim of figure, only a curious ...

Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie

Review and Interview by Chris Ingham, MOJO, June 1997

According to the man himself, Paul can bash out a song in the time it takes Linda to whip up a soyasome supper. But is ...

Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie

Review by Carol Clerk, Uncut, June 1997

PERHAPS Anthology holds the key. Not just the CDs and the videos, but the whole hullabaloo surrounding the project and the full-scale reassessment of The ...

Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs Of Noel Coward

Review by Gavin Martin, Uncut, May 1998

PAN-GENERATIONAL tribute to The Other Noel, benefiting International AIDS-prevention projects ...

Linda McCartney: How Rock 'n' Roll Saved Our Lives

Retrospective by David Dalton, Gadfly, August 1998

I first met Linda McCartney at the Scene on West 46th Street. A hip little grotto in a cellar, it was run by the cool ...

Paul McCartney: Run Devil Run

Interview by Jim Irvin, MOJO, October 1999

THE LURE had been the chance of a lengthy one-on-one with Paul McCartney discussing all his solo albums. "You could turn it into a book," ...

On the Wings of a Beatle

Retrospective by David Dalton, Gadfly, 2001

"DADDY, tell us how it all began, how the walls of Pepperland crumbled, how the Blue Meanies with their lawyers and chartered accounts came and ...

The Man Who Killed Paul McCartney

Retrospective by Jim Yoakum, unpublished, 2001

The incredible, never-before-revealed true-life event that sparked the greatest rock ‘n’ roll rumor of all time. ...

Paul McCartney: Wingspan (EMI)***

Review by Stephen Dalton, Uncut, July 2001

MACCA'S FIRST post-Fabs decade. ...

Paul McCartney: He Loves Her Yeah Yeah Yeah

Comment by Charles Shaar Murray, Observer, The, July 2001

PAUL McCARTNEY has always been known for his broad, boyish smile, but the ear-splitting grin he sported last week while announcing his engagement to Heather ...

Normally, He's A Pacifist

Interview by Gavin Martin, Independent, The, November 2001

SIR PAUL had been up in the city to promote his Driving Rain album and 'Freedom' single, a song which has prompted some to suggest ...

Paul McCartney: Driving Rain (Parlophone)

Review by Ian MacDonald, Uncut, January 2002

ROCKIN' MACCA goes for live spontaneity. ...

Paul McCartney: Back In The World, Earls Court, London April 21st

Live Review by Richard English, Rock's Backpages, April 2003

ALL MY LIFE I’d wanted to see the Beatles. My sister saw them at Hammersmith in the ‘60s and screamed. This was my ...

Paul McCartney

Interview by Graeme Thomson, Word, The, October 2005

JUST WHAT do you do if you are Paul McCartney? You could bathe in liquid gold and shine your shoes with royalty cheques, of course, ...

Geoff Emerick

Profile and Interview by Richie Unterberger, Record Collector, June 2006

BESIDES GEORGE Martin, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, Geoff Emerick worked on more Beatles sessions than any other individual. ...

The Time I Was Not Invisible In Front Of Paul McCartney

Retrospective and Interview by Steven Rosen, Player, October 2007

IN 1973, I SAW myself disappearing. I was a grammar ghost, a sentence-writing cipher with barely a byline to hang my rent on. ...

Macca's Ration Book Romance: 'We Three'

Comment by Fred Dellar, Rock's Backpages, February 2012

PAUL MCCARTNEY'S latest album, Kisses On The Bottom, is, to a great extent, based around a number of songs his father once loved: age-old standards ...

Philip Norman: Paul McCartney – The Biography

Book Review by Chris Charlesworth, Just Backdated, June 2016

WHAT MUST IT be like to be Paul McCartney? Deluged by gargantuan levels of fame since the age of 21, he has remained squarely in ...

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