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Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor worked for NME from approximately 1983 to 1987 and is most closely associated with the Indie rock of that period. His early work on such bands as the Jesus & Mary Chain, the Wedding Present, Primal Scream, Bogshed, Big Flame, We've Got A Fuzzbox... and others helped cement the fledgling indie scene in 1984 and 1985, culminating in the release of the NME cassette tape C86.

In the early 1990s, he went to work in publishing, eventually becoming the Publishing Director of Weidenfeld & Nicolson, part of the Orion Publishing Group, before leaving to set up a literary agency, neiltaylorassociates.During his publishing career he has commissioned and/or edited a number of eminent British literary authors, including Lawrence Norfolk, Jake Arnott, Matt Thorne, David Mitchell,Peter Ackroyd, Justin Hill, Toby Litt, and Tibor Fischer.

Neil is the author of Document & Eyewitness: An Intimate History of Rough Trade (Orion, 2009) and his forthcoming book about indie rock after post-punk, C86 & All That will be published in late spring 2014.

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Girlschool: Nightmare At Maple Cross (GWR)

Review by Neil Taylor, NME, October 1986

WHEN THE metal messiah Lemmy recently stated on the radio that Heavy Metal was all about tunes, and that vocals, lyrics, and accessories were unimportant, ...

Icicle Works: The Drips Who Turned To Rock

Interview by Neil Taylor, NME, August 1986

Four years ago, ICICLE WORKS' hit single 'Love Is A Beautiful Colour' branded them as wimps. But now they're back, harder and happier, with the ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Jesus And Mary Chain! A Riot

Report by Neil Taylor, NME, March 1985

Neil Taylor witnesses yet more violence at a Jesus And Mary Chain concert. ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Motorcycle Boy: The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Motorcycle Boy: Rock City, Nottingham

Live Review by Neil Taylor, NME, September 1987


The Nightingales: Nightingales: We Spit In Your Gravy

Interview by Neil Taylor, NME, April 1986

So say the reanimated NIGHTINGALES, who've found a new lease of life — on the fiddle. NEIL TAYLOR hears about country life and the strings ...

Pepsi & Shirlie: When Did You Last See George Michael's Trousers?

Interview by Neil Taylor, NME, October 1987

You've heard the phrase 'All mouth and no trousers' — but does it refer to George Michael and his vanishing keks? To Top Shoppers PEPSI ...

Bruce Springsteen: Bruce Springsteen: Tunnel Of Love (CBS)

Review by Neil Taylor, NME, October 1987

Tunnel Vision ...

The Pastels: Suck On The Pastels

Interview by Neil Taylor, NME, January 1986

Five singles old and The Pastels aren't as funny as Lloyd Cole. Nonplussed NEIL TAYLOR wonders why. ...

We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It: We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It: Big Fuzz From The Jungle

Interview by Neil Taylor, NME, March 1986

We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're
 Gonna Use It. What more can you
 say? Neil Taylor gets a word or two 
in edgeways. ...

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