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Blowing Eardrums And Blowing Minds: Soundgarden

Christine Natanael, Reflex, December 1991

GNASHING, SUBTERRANEAN youth culture on the verge of intellectual upheaval, coming to awareness in late '70s decadence, and coming of age in the post-anarcho-punk revolution, Soundgarden was birthed as a bastard child in the musical vacuum of the early '80s, thumbing their noses at authority as well as tradition, on a runaway train to a new musical order. Blaspheming classic rock with an injection of sheer nonconformism, this Pacific Northwest quartet pioneered the coupling of thundering hypnotism with aberrant structure and syncopation--interpreting, reworking, and injecting a nitro blast into the mollified music scene with their own version of a working relationship between intellect and reality.

Total word count of piece: 4293