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RAISING THE FLAGZigZag's Kris Needs meets art punks Wire in 1978. Plus contemporary reviews of the band's first three albums: Ira Robbins on 1977's classic Pink Flag, Jim Green on 1978's Chairs Missing and Jon Savage on 1979's 154… and the band's Colin Newman looks back on said albums and more in 2006 with Harp's Fred Mills.

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Almost Famous

BACK IN THE MOTOR CITYDetroit Free Press reporter Loraine Alterman meets the MC5 in February 1967. Plus Loraine pays tribute to pioneering Oz rock writer Lillian Roxon (Rolling Stone, 1973) and discusses "music, money, marriage and fame" with her friend John Lennon (Viva, 1975)…

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“I lived as part of the Yardbirds, yet I was completely out of touch with it. I couldn’t speak and be understood…”

Eric Clapton in Rave (1965)

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