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NEVER YOU CHANGE — Homage to Frederick "Toots" Hibbert, 1942-2020: Penny Reel looks back with the ska/reggae icon (NME, 1976) and reviews 1972's classic Funky Kingston album for International Times. Plus Richard Williams finds himself in a Maytals session at Kingston's Dynamic Sound studio in summer 1972...

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Almost Famous

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO HEADBANG — Metal specialist Paul Elliott, snapped during AC/DC's 1991 set at Donington, asks the band's Angus Young about departed singer Bon Scott (Kerrang!, 1991). Plus Paul puts his questions to grindcore gods Napalm Death (Sounds, 1990) and asks Josh Homme about God, guns and – naturally – Queens of the Stone Age (Classic Rock, 2011)…

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Don't Fear the Reaper


THE APPLES STRETCHING — Saying goodbye to Simeon Coxe, 1938-2020: Edwin Pouncey sits down with pioneering electronic duo Silver Apples (The Wire, 1997). Plus R.I.P. Ronald "Khalis" Bell, 1951-2020: Musician's Mark Rowland tells the tale of funk masters Kool & the Gang in 1984...

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“I thought Revolver was out of tune. I was really annoyed with it for a couple of days. I thought ‘Hey Jude’ went on too long…”

Paul McCartney (Disc, 1973)

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