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SUPER VIXENJohn Morthland meets the XXX-rated Millie Jackson in Boston (Black Music, 1975) and NME's Charles Shaar Murray revisits her classic Caught Up/Still Caught Up albums (1985). Plus the outrageous Ms. Jackson looks back on Muscle Shoals and more with Songfacts' Carl Wiser in 2010…

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Almost Famous

SCENE & HEARD — Choice morsels from RBP co-founder Martin Colyer's delightful "dispatches from the everyday world of music". Plus Martin's 2001 "user's guide" to troubadour Robbie Fulks and his 2009 interview with the inimitable Aimee Mann

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“Ever since I said I hated journalists, every English journalist starts an interview with, ‘Hate journalists, do we?’”

Lou Reed in MOJO (2005)

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