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Reelin' (and rockin') in the  years: Chuck Berry tells Guy Stevens how he writes his songs (Record Mirror, 1964), meets Sound of the City author Charlie Gillett in 1973 and gives Q's Tom Hibbert a hard time in 1988. Plus Vintage Rock's David Burke examines Chuck's final years in 2017…

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Straight into Compton: Chuck Berry biographer RJ Smith reports on the legal war within N.W.A. (1990) and chats with L.A. piano-blues legend Charles Brown (1997). Plus, in a 2006 interview, Steven Ward hears about RJ's journey to L.A. via Detroit and New York…

The Long Goodbye

He did it right: NME's Nick Kent meets Dr. Feelgood's Wilko Johnson (1947-2022) in 1974 and The Guardian's Dorian Lynskey talks to the protopunk R&B guitarist after his cancer diagnosis in 2013. Plus Smash Hits' Ian Birch asks Irene Cara (1959-2022) about Flashdance in 1983 and Melody Maker's Andrew Means meets Scots folkie Rab Noakes (1947-2022) in 1970...

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Find the cost of freedom: David Crosby tells Dave Zimmer how he was "scared straight" after hitting freebase rock bottom (BAM, 16 January 1987)

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Rap sheet: Ice-T talks to Andy Gill about Iceberg Slim, inventing West Coast gangsta rap, his thrash-metal band Body Count... and playing a cop in New Jack City (1991).


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Episode 141

New episode: RJ Smith on gangsta rap, Black L.A. and his new Chuck Berry biography

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