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OUTSIDE HERSELF — How 1992's Ingénue made k.d. lang an icon of gay rights and post-country torch pop: Betty Page reviews the album for NME and Mat Snow interviews the singer for Q in 1993. Plus the late Robert Sandall hails lang's "second coming" in the Sunday Times in 2008…

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Almost Famous

PAGE TURNER — Esteemed critic Tim Page witnesses James Chance at Club 57 (New York Rocker, 1979), meets the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt (Washington Post, 2000) and salutes the genius of doomed L.A. singer-songstress Judee Sill (Washington Post, 2006).

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“England is like a storybook. From being a child, you learn about a King and Queen… and when you come here it always comes true.”

— Solomon Burke, the Bishop of Soul, to Record Mirror (1966)

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