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BEING THERERob Hughes recaps on Jeff Tweedy's and Jay Farrar's seminal trio Uncle Tupelo (Uncut, 2004), while Peter Stone Brown looks back on the band's role in the rise of Americana (Gadfly, 2002). Plus Keith Cameron ventures to Columbia, Missouri, to meet Tweedy's post-Tupelo band Wilco (Vox, 1997)…

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Almost Famous

BIG APPLE GAL — New York City classics from the sinful '70s: Susin Shapiro meets Patti Smith at Electric Lady studios (Crawdaddy, 1975), riffs with the Ramones at CBGB's (Sounds, 1976) and sees Lou Reed live at the Bottom Line (Village Voice, 1978)...

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“I’ve had a lot of disses: Minnie Mouse meets James Brown, Rod Stewart on helium. Some of them are really funny…”

Macy Gray (The Guardian, 1999)

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