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WOMEN ENOUGHGene Guerrero meets country queen Loretta Lynn in 1971… and Loretta looks back with David Burke 45 years later. Plus Mark Cooper meets Gillian Welch on the release of 1997's Revival and Gillian discusses "old-time" Americana and O Brother Where Are Thou? with Graham Reid in 2004…

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Almost Famous

GOING UP THE COUNTRYTony Russell (right, in Mississippi in 1975, with fiddler Hoyt Ming) looks back at old-time pioneers Charlie Poole and Uncle Dave Macon. Plus the editor and co-writer of the definitive Penguin Guide to Blues Recordings asks if crossover success will spoil B.B. King (Cream, 1972)...

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Don't Fear the Reaper


THEY STAND PREDOMINATESounds' Vivien Goldman meets Rasta legend Bunny Wailer (1947-2021), left, in 1976, and Vibe's Larry Jaffee hears from Bunny and others about the financial chaos of the Wailers' post-Marley catalogue in 1995. Plus Melody Maker's Max Jones meets Chris Barber (1930-2021) in 1965, and John Pidgeon reappraises "the father of British R&B" for RBP in 2009…

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“I’ve played biker rallies where people who hate each other are leaving their guns at the door… and maybe realising they have things in common.”

Hayseed Dixie's Barley (2005)

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Chrome's Half Machine (2014)Dave Edmunds

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