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FEMME FATALE — 30 years after her demise in Ibiza, we remember Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico: Peter Jones meets the Immediate Records starlet in London (Record Mirror, 1965) and Lester Bangs marvels at 1968's The Marble Index and more (Fusion, 1971). Plus the singer's Elektra mentor Danny Fields reminisces about La Päffgen with David Dalton (Gadfly, 2002)…

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Almost Famous

A WUELFING SHEEP'S CLOTHING — Legendary publicist Howard Wuelfing sees Howlin' Wolf live at Max's Kansas City (Village Voice, 1973), talks Art Rock with Talking Heads (Unicorn Times, 1978) and meets Swans mainman Michael Gira (Addicted to Noise, 1997).

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