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RIGHT ON THE MONÁEChris Campion introduces Afro-futurist princess Janelle Monáe in June 2009 and John Calvert analyses the magnificent "Archandroid" in 2010. Plus Geoffrey Himes discusses The Electric Lady with Monáe in 2013…

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Almost Famous

ROCK STEADYMelody Maker man Mark Plummer (left, with Barry White, right) on the rise of reggae in the UK (1971). Plus Plummer meets bitter glam-rockers the Sweet (1972) and talks trucks and more with Little Feat's Lowell George (1973)…

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“I can’t stand the thought of going to New York, so I’m flying to Ibiza. It’s my favourite place and I think I’ll die there…”

Nico in Melody Maker (1970)

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