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RISING SONS — Revisiting Massive Attack's classic Mezzanine at 20: the Daily Telegraph's Ben Thompson discusses the album with 3D and Daddy G, while Rob Chapman raves about it for MOJO. Plus RBP's exclusive AUDIO INTERVIEW with the trio's stellar guest Elizabeth Fraser

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Almost Famous

TERRY'S ALL GOLD — Top Terry Staunton pieces on Nine Inch Nails (NME, 1991) and Echo & the Bunnymen (Record Collector, 2005). Plus Terry's guide to cinema's greatest bands: Spinal Tap, the Commitments… and the Carrie Nations! (Uncut, 1998)

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“You can’t go on doing it for years. I mean, just imagine having to sing ‘Satisfaction’ when you’re 45...”

Marianne Faithfull (1973)

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