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AVERAGE GUYDorian Lynksey meets Elbow's "shambling everyman" Guy Garvey in his native Manchester (Q, 2009) and the late Andy Gill hears from the singer about the "blessed anonymity" of being a Brit in New York (2014). Plus NME's Ted Kessler hails the band's dazzling 2001 debut Asleep in the Back...

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Almost Famous

WORKING DAY & NIGHT — The tireless David Hepworth (at Live Aid, left, with Bob Geldof) reviews Michael Jackson's Off the Wall (Sounds, 1979), meets "odd couple" Ian Dury and Wilko Johnson (Smash Hits, 1980) and hangs out in Manhattan with country-rock matriarch Emmylou Harris (The Word, 2003).

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“Drugs don’t harm you. I know. I take them. I’m not saying I use opium or heroin, but hashish is harmless and everyone takes it…”

— The Who's Pete Townshend (1966)

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