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REVOLUTION ROCK — Following the UK's Tory landslide, we consider the history of political pop: Stephen Dalton offers a guide to musical resistance from the MC5 to Huggy Bear (Vox, 1993). Plus, from 1990, Billy Bragg discusses racism and Thatcher in an audio interview with Larry Jaffee… and Spin's Frank Owen reports on "eco-rock" and the greening of Planet Pop.

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Almost Famous

ALL THE YOUNG PUNKS — Mott the Hoople fan-club founder Kris Needs (snapped with Paul Simonon, left) reports on the Clash for New York Rocker (1976) and spends a week on the road with Strummer, Simonon & co. (ZigZag, 1980). Plus Kris looks back on 1979's classic London Calling after 30 years for, erm, Clash

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“I’m ready to get out there and push for America. I’m ready to be the next Elvis. The English thing is over…”

Sammy Hagar (Creem, 1978)

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