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GRRRLS TALKEvelyn McDonnell sees Sleater-Kinney live and reports on the return of Riot Grrrl (New York Times, 1996). Plus Geoffrey Himes gets lost in The Woods with S-K's lead singer Corin Tucker (Baltimore City Paper, 2005) and Kate Mossman reviews a memoir by the band's Carrie Brownstein (Guardian, 2015)…

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Almost Famous

EVERY DAY I WRITE THE BOOKIan Penman (whose new collection It Gets Me Home, This Curving Track is published this week) meets cult guitar avatar John Fahey (NME, 1979), pays tribute to the "difficult" Nina Simone (The Wire, 2003) and ruminates on the return of Kate Bush (London Review of Books, 2014).

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“Kermit’s getting on the popcorn too much. It’s because we’ve stopped doing heroin: it brings your sex drive back double fierce…”

— Black Grape's Sean Ryder (1995)

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