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NERVOUS REXRichard Grabel meets kings of post-punk unease the Feelies (NME, 1980), while Steven R. Rosen moderates a conference call between "the boys with the perpetual nervousness" and arch-fan Rick Moody (Blurt, 2009). Plus the Village Voice's Evelyn McDonnell looks back with the band's Glenn Mercer (second from right) in 2011...

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I DON'T LIVE TODAYMelody Maker legend Roy Hollingworth (centre) meets Jimi Hendrix just before the guitarist's death (1970). Plus Roy sees Suicide, Wayne County et al. in NYC (1972) and takes a train ride to France with David Bowie (1973)…

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“It was my twelve-bore Joe Meek shot himself with. I used to go shooting a lot on tour...”

— Peroxide idol Heinz to John Pidgeon (Let it Rock, 1972)

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