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COME ALL YE FAITHFUL — Keepers of the folk-rock flame Fairport Convention at 50: in an exclusive 1995 audio interview, Dave Pegg discusses Liege and Lief, Sandy Denny and more with Johnny Black. Plus Record Mirror's Lon Goddard learns the meaning of "unhalfbricking" from Simon Nicol in 1969, and John Mendelsohn reviews the album of that name – and the groundbreaking Liege – for Rolling Stone.

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STAY WITH ME — A tribute to much-loved Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler (1946-2017): the sometime rock scribe in Memphis with the Faces (Disc, 1972) and in L.A. with "rock and roll future" Bruce Springsteen (NME, 1975). Plus Andrew recalls his hippie daze in San Francisco in 1967's summer of luv 'n' Haight...

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“I’d hate to be my wife. I’ve been a serial husband and I’ve done it badly every time…”

Steve Earle to Geoffrey Himes (Rolling Stone, 1996)

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