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TRACKS OF HIS TEARSLet It Rock's Michael Gray hails Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks on its 1975 release, while The Independent's Andy Gill explains his "obsession" with Dylan's heartbreak masterwork in 2004. Plus Clinton Heylin's introduction to his new Blood study No One Else Could Play That Tune...

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Almost Famous

THE APOSTLEPaolo Hewitt is converted by Bruce Springsteen on the River tour (Melody Maker, 1981). Plus Paolo hears about "the death of rhythm and blues" from writer Nelson George (NME, 1989) and survives "seven mental nights" on the American road with Oasis (Select, 1996)…

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“I honestly think Trump could be pop’s saviour. The prospect of President Trump is horrifying, but [he] will give artists something real to rally against...”

Amanda Ghost (The Times, 2016)

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