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STILL THRIVES THIS LOVE — The late Robert Sandall on the second coming of gay icon k.d. lang (Sunday Times, 2008). Plus Phil Sutcliffe finds out who's truly glad to be gay in pop (Q, 1999) and Carol Cooper explores "crypto-heterosexuality" in NYC's black music underground (Vibe, 1993)…

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Almost Famous

DO RIGHT MANMick Houghton asks Emmylou Harris about Gram Parsons and more (Let It Rock, 1975). Plus Mick the PR muses on former clients Felt (MOJO, 2003) and (in an excerpt from his new memoir) Julian Cope's Teardrop Explodes

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“Kids have low self-esteem, and then the peer pressures come and they go into a wrong crowd. That’s when all the bad stuff starts happening…”

Britney Spears to Steven Daly (1999)

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