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BEASTS WITHINNew York Rocker's Byron Coley lauds all-star goth-punks the Flesh Eaters in 1981, while Don Snowden looks back on Chris D's L.A. supergroup and their contemporaries the Gun Club in 2014. Plus Phast Phreddie Patterson's epic guide to Rock 'n' Roll Hollywood, 1973-1983

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Almost Famous

THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS — In an exclusive extract from his new Hidden Landscape Once a Week, Mark Sinker revisits the "unruly curiosity" of the UK music press in the '70s. Plus he explores themes of Englishness in the music of Madness and more (NME, 1988) and considers record-company "contract-breakers" Frank Zappa, David Bowie and... er, Bros (The Wire, 1992)…

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“I wouldn’t be a critic, for sure. I couldn’t do it. I’d hate to hurt people’s feelings…”

Brian Eno in Melody Maker (1980)

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