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Merry gentlemen: Record Mirror's Rob Partridge meets the skin-headed Slade in 1969 and Let It Rock's Lester Bangs feels the band's noize in late 1972. Plus Pete Silverton hails the healing power of Christmas hits like 'Merry Xmas Everybody'.

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Easlea does it: Daryl Easlea salutes the "good times" of Chic's peak period (2001), relives his Canvey Island youth in a piece about Julien Temple's Dr. Feelgood documentary (2010) and looks back on Genesis with Mike Rutherford (2014). Plus Chris Charlesworth reviews and heartily approves of Daryl's brand-new Slade biography.

The Long Goodbye

Gone now: Melody Maker's Nick Jones sees former Moody Blue Denny Laine (1944-2023) live at London's UFO in July 1967 and Guitar World's Bill DeMain hears about Wings in Laine's last interview in January this year.  Plus audio of Shane MacGowan (1957-2023) speaking to Mat Snow in February 1986; Gavin Martin meeting the Pogues in summer 1983; and Mick Brown talking to MacGowan in 1997.

The Long Read

Tomorrow the world: Charles Shaar Murray reports on the Ramones and more from Hilly Kristal's CBGB – the downtown New York dive that celebrates its 50th birthday next week (New Musical Express, 8 November 1975).

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Man of the World: Adam Sweeting asks Peter Gabriel about being in therapy, seeing Otis Redding live, new album Us... and the ex-Genesis frontman's distaste for the term "World Music" (July 1992).


1965  Fontella Bass
1966  The Who et al.
1967  Pink Floyd
1968  Roland Kirk live
1969  Simon & Garfunkel
1970  The Dead's Live/Dead
1971  Heads, Hands & Feet
1972  Muddy Waters @ 100 Club
1973  Ray Davies/Iggy Pop
1974  Steely Dan's Logic
1975  David Bedford
1976  Frankie Miller live
1977  Dexter Wansel
1978  Ian Dury
1978  The Emotions' Sunbeam
1979  Jefferson Starship
1980  Lene Lovich live
1980  Elvis Costello @ Rainbow
1981  Duran Duran
1982  Rod Stewart's Tonight
1983  Andy Summers
1984  New Order @ Festival Hall
1984  Severed Heads' Accident
1984  Madonna
1985  Marc Almond
1986  Sid and Nancy
1987  Jocelyn Brown
1988  The Primitives live
1989  Sleeping Bag Records
1990  Victoria Williams
1991  Eastern Bloc Records
1992  Blue Aeroplanes live
1993  Bryan Adams
1994  Frank Black's Teenager
1995  Mercury Music Prize
1995  Eternal
1996  De La Soul live
1997  Blur
1998  Bragg & Wilco's Avenue
1998  Bernard Butler
1999  The All Seeing I
2000  Johnny Otis on Savoy
2001  Preston School of Industry
2002  Tenacious D live
2003  Moby's 18
2004  Rock Dreams
2005  DJ Shadow/David Banner
2006  Placebo in Birmingham
2007  ABBA – The Album
2008  Home's The Alchemist
2009  Dr. Feelgood
2010  Holy Fuck's Latin
2011  Def Leppard
2013  Glam rock box
2014  Chrissie Hynde's Stockholm
2015  Joy Williams
2016  Liberation Music Orchestra
2017  Kris Kristofferson
2018  The Breeders' All Nerve
2019  Jarvis Cocker
2021  Lenny Kaye
2022  Melvins live in Detroit
2023  Kingsize Taylor R.I.P.

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Episode 166

New episode: in a pre-Xmas special, Daryl Easlea discusses his Slade book, listens to a Peter Gabriel audio interview and pays tribute to the Pogues' Shane MacGowan.

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