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HIP HUG-HERStax at 60: in an exclusive 1985 audio interview, the company's co-founder Estelle Axton recalls the label's early days. Plus Peter Jones and Norman Jopling talk to Booker T. Jones, Carla Thomas and more in 1967, while Richard Wootton looks back on Stax's glory years with hit songwriter David Porter in 1979…

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Almost Famous

MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE — Writer-filmmaker Simon Witter heads to Chicago to learn about House Music (i-D, 1986) and meets "deeply dippy" Lemonhead Evan Dando in London (Sky, 1992). Plus the full "director's cut" version of Simon's 2005 Kraftwerk epic for MOJO

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“The Nosebleeds’ lead singer is now minor local legend Steve Morrisson [sic], who is at least aware that rock’n’roll is about magic and inspiration…”

Paul Morley at Manchester's Ritz (NME, June 1978)

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