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IN THE NEIGHBORHOODGavin Martin talks alternative country soul with the Nixon-era Lambchop (Uncut, 2000) and David Burke discusses melancholy and life-threatening illness with head 'chopper Kurt Wagner (Rock'n'Reel, 2008). Plus The Word's James Medd asks Lambchop's new secret weapon – Nashville session legend Charlie McCoy – about working with Dylan and more (2012)...

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Almost Famous

CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COMEJames Medd hears about life in Los Angeles from Mancunian expat Morrissey (Esquire, 2004), meets charming if "divisive" harpist Joanna Newsom (Esquire, 2006) and looks back at the late Hal Blaine and L.A. session mafia the Wrecking Crew (The Word, 2012).

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“The English are so civil, but there’s this whole other dark side. They’re actually very kinky and very perverted. And I quite like that…”

Madonna in NME (1995)

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