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Martin Aston meets Pulp's Jarvis Cocker in an exclusive 1987 audio interview. Plus Jon Wilde profiles the pre-Britpop Jarvis for Sounds in March 1986 and Vox's Max Bell catches the new king of Sheffield in the wake of Pulp's 1994 breakthrough

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In an excerpt from his new biography of San Francisco legend Jimmy Wilsey (right), Michael Goldberg (left) describes how Jimmy's local punk heroes the Avengers "crushed" the Sex Pistols at Winterland in 1978. Plus the Rolling Stone man speaks to Jimmy and his subsequent bandmate Chris Isaak post-'Wicked Game' in 1991 and reports on the resurgence of San Francisco's music scene in 1983…

The Long Goodbye

The late Al Aronowitz explains why Dylan crony Bob Neuwirth (1939-2022) was "the stars' superstar" and Lillian Roxon sees Neuwirth live at NYC's Gaslight in 1971. Plus Miles meets Greek prog-electronic god Vangelis (1943-2022) in 1976 and guitarist Ricky Gardiner (1948-2022) tells Robert Webb how he came up with the riff for Iggy Pop's classic 'The Passenger'...

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John Tobler talks to Chris Isaak about the Californian's eponymous second album – and about his lead guitarist Jimmy Wilsey (right) – in October 1987.


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Episode 127

Chris Roberts talks about Radiohead and Missy Elliott... and recalls his days on Sounds and Melody Maker.

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