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THE LAST ADIÓS — Farewell to country-pop great Glen Campbell (1936-2017): in an exclusive 2012 audio interview, Robin Platts asks Glen about the classic Jimmy Webb songs. Plus Glen recaps on life as an L.A. session guitarist (and Beach Boy) with Alan Smith (NME, 1970) and David Bennun asks the 63-year-old legend about the Tanya Tucker years (Guardian, 2000)…

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Almost Famous

OUR MAN IN MANHATTANMelody Maker's New York correspondent Chris Charlesworth (with Pete Townshend, right) reports on the city's protopunk demi-monde (1974)... and the CBGBs scene that grew out of it (1976). Plus two excerpts from Chris' brand-new novel about the kidnapping of Elvis Presley

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“My record is like an anthem. A gay record had to come out of the disco scene...”

Charles "Valentino" Harris on 'I Was Born This Way' (Black Music, 1975)

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