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HEAD ON — From the Pale Fountains to the Red Elastic Band: the bruised life of Scouse genius Michael Head. Melody Maker's Helen Fitzgerald meets the Fountains in 1984 and Sounds' Roy Wilkinson enters the Head brothers' Shack in 1988. Plus Tom Doyle tells Head's torturous story in The Face (1999)...

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Almost Famous

SPACE ODDITY — An excerpt from Susan Compo's new study of David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth. Plus Compo reports on the Sex Pistols' U.S. tour in 1978 and interviews the Cure's Robert Smith for Spin in 1993…

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“We’d say, ‘Put in a little melody here’. They’d say, ‘Absolutely not’. Turned out they were right.”

— Def Jam's Russell Simmons on hip hop pioneers Run DMC (NME, 1985)

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