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ACTION PACTNME's Ian MacDonald tries to make sense of Krautrock enigmas Faust in 1973, while Ed Jones welcomes that year's Faust IV in Cracker magazine. Plus MOJO's Andy Gill puts his questions to the band's Jean-Hervé Peron in 1997 and The Wire's David Stubbs explains his own Faustian pact in 2004…

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Almost Famous

NORTHERN EXPOSUREPaul Morley (pictured in 1977) reports on the rise of Manchester's music scene for NME in early 1979. Plus Paul sees Joy Division live at the city's Band On The Wall in 1978, witnesses New Order's 1981 "haunting" of London's Heaven after Ian Curtis' suicide, and pens the Guardian obituary for Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, the subject of his remarkable new biography From Manchester with Love

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Don't Fear the Reaper


THE IRISH ROVERChris Smith meets chief Chieftain Paddy Moloney, 1936-2021 (Performing Songwriter, 1998) and David Burke looks back with Paddy in 2010. Plus we bid farewell to three veteran RBP specialists on Black American music: Pete Grendysa explains the "making" of Rhythm & Blues in 1985, Bob Fisher reports on "Soul Style" in the midlands for NME in 1975, and Roger St. Pierre chats backstage at Hammersmith with the newly liberated Stevie Wonder...

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“Groups like the Who and the Stones are revolting. They have nothing to offer the kids anymore…”

Johnny Rotten (1976)

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