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BURN BABY BURNNME's Nick Kent is surprisingly receptive to John Badham's classic Saturday Night Fever, while Circus' John Swenson surveys the post-Fever disco landscape of Donna Summer and Dr. Buzzard. PLUS Jon Wilde interviews Nik Cohn, the hip Brit whose New York magazine story birthed the movie and the music…

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Almost Famous

TRIPS ADVISOR — In an excerpt from her classic 1973 book, Ellen Sander hangs out in L.A. with Crosby, Stills, Nash and friends. Plus Sander grabs a chat with the Lovin' Spoonful's Zal Yanovsky (Hullabaloo, 1967) and muses on the mysterious Tim Buckley (Hit Parader, 1968).

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“I must tell you, I loathe it all. This makeup and campery is, for me, a total turn-off…”

Nicky Chinn of glam puppetmasters Chinn & Chapman (NME, 1973)

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