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THE 20th CENTURY BOY — Exclusive RBP audio: 40 years after his death, hear glam princeling Marc Bolan talking to Ian Ravendale in March '77. Plus the Evening Standard's Maureen Cleave befriends young "Bölan" in 1965, Record Mirror's Keith Altham rides T. Rex's 'White Swan' in 1971… and NME's Paul Morley meets Marc as he makes a comeback six months before the fatal crash.

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Almost Famous

MAPS TO THE STARS — L.A. punk legend Danny "Shredder" Weizmann chews the fat with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984), stops by the Beastie Boys' boutique (1989) and talks with Valley porn queen turned techno diva Traci Lords (1995).

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“PJ Harvey sounds like Medusa risen from the grave with Euripides as a backing band, and she’s ‘not a feminist’?”

— Hole frontwoman Courtney Love hits out (Melody Maker, 1993)

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