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OUR SWEET GEORGEHarvey Kubernik tells the epic story of the "Quiet" Beatle's All Things Must Pass, 50 years old this week. Plus NME's Alan Smith reviews Harrison's triple-album masterpiece on its 1970 release and Jim Irvin lauds "possibly the best solo Beatle album ever" in 2000. Plus Rolling Stone's Al Aronowitz hangs out with George in Manhattan in the summer of '70…

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Almost Famous

VEGAS HOTEL FOXTROTToby Manning meets Wilco's Jeff Tweedy at the Mandalay Bay hotel (Q, 2002), flies to Nashville to embark on a Soul Journey with Gillian Welch (The Word, 2003) and looks back on the nine albums and six marriages of country renegade Steve Earle (The Word, 2004).

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Don't Fear the Reaper


EVERY STORY TELLS A PICTUREMusic Journalism History's Don Armstrong asks Baron Wolman (1937-2020) (right) about his early years as Rolling Stone's house photographer – and about rock photography in general (2019). Plus NME's Chris Salewicz is granted an audience with Uriah Heep's Ken Hensley (1945-2020), at Bayswater's King Henry VIII hotel in 1974...

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“I’m not Pete Townshend: ‘Hope I die before I get old’ is a silly thing to say. Even at 15, I realised I was going to be 30 one day…”

John Lydon (Creem, 1986)

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• Béla Fleck/Abigail Washburn (2014)Richard King's Rockers

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MY MAN'S GONE NOWJohn Tobler talks to the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce about Porgy and Bess, Slash magazine's Claude Bessy, Back Door Man's Phast Phreddie, Rough Trade's Geoff Travis, Blondie's Chris Stein... and of course his seminal L.A. band the Gun Club. Plus new guitarist Jim Duckworth on Alex Chilton and the Panther Burns (1983).

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