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SO THAT WAS CHRISTMASRichard Williams sits in on the session for John & Yoko's 1971 Xmas classic. Plus The Independent's Peter Silverton celebrates the healing power of the Christmas single in 2015 and The Times' Lisa Verrico laments the decline of the Yuletide No. 1...

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Almost Famous

THE GO-BETWEENSydney Morning Herald veteran Mark Mordue searches for the spirit of Australian rock'n'roll (2004). Plus Mark meets Oz troubadour Paul Kelly in 1996 and interviews Nick Cave's right-hand-man Warren Ellis in 2010…

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“My agent told me I’d been offered a lot of money to do a Mars Bar advertisement. I said, ‘You’re fired’.”

Marianne Faithfull to Sylvie Simmons (MOJO, 2005)

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