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THE 'RUDY' BOYSDeanne Pearson introduces the Specials to New York Rocker readers in October 1979, while Garry Bushell reports on 2-Tone Records for Sounds. Plus Jerry Dammers recounts to Chris Salewicz how he got "booted out" of the reunited band he founded (Daily Telegraph, 2010)…

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Almost Famous

FINE LINES — Remembering a veteran writer and rockademic: Dave Laing (1947-2019) muses on folk maverick John Martyn in Let It Rock (1973). Plus Dave catches bluegrass king Bill Monroe live in Glasgow (Sounds, 1975) and traces the evolution of the singer-songwriter (Melody Maker, 1975)…

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“Prince is into raunchy sex and I’m into technology. Sooner or later you have to start talking about something valid…”

André Cymone (1983)

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