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'HEAD BOYSBarney Hoskyns introduces Present Tense, RBP's brand-new Radiohead anthology. Plus three of the book's fine selections: Jim Sullivan talks to Thom Yorke about the band's U.S. breakthrough with 'Creep' (Boston Globe, 1993); Tom Doyle reports on the creation of the classic OK Computer (Q, 1997); and Rob Young discusses scoring for Paul Thomas Anderson with Jonny Greenwood (Uncut, 2011)…

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Almost Famous

A MAN COULD GET LOSTJon Young explains Brit synth-popsters Soft Cell and Yaz(oo) to US readers (Trouser Press, 1983). Plus Jon discusses Bigger and Deffer with hip hop icon LL Cool J (Creem, 1987) and hears about Mariah Carey's "very good" 1992 (Musician,1993)…

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“I can’t stand liberals. They’re so stupid and wishy-washy and their whole philosophy is so half-assed…”

James Chance in Sounds (1979)

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