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STAR OF DAVIDPaul Lester meets garage-R&B supremo (and "nice Jewish boy") Craig David (Jewish Chronicle, 2008). Plus David fills Dan Gennoe in on 2-step and Artful Dodger (Making Music, 2000) and Uncut's Simon Reynolds takes stock of the UK Garage scene that same year…

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Almost Famous

SOME VELVETS EVENING NME veteran Tony Stewart meets the Doug-Yule-led Velvet Underground at Kingston Polytechnic (1971), talks to a petulant Freddie Mercury (1977) and survives a notorious encounter with a truculent Van Morrison (1979).

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“Mick’s a very strict, very good father. Very much ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’…”

Charlie Watts on his fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger (Observer, 2000)

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