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CHEAP DATESTrouser Press' Ira Robbins meets power-pop rockers Cheap Trick in summer '77 and Creem's Richard Riegel natters with principal Trickster Rick Nielsen in Cincinnati in late '79. Plus Part One of William Higham's 100 Greatest Power-Pop Songs Of All Time, compiled specially for RBP in 2001…

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Almost Famous

FROM HER TO ETERNITY — The fabulous Cathi Unsworth meets obsessive fans of Nick Cave in 1990, discusses Rock For Choice and Fund The Feminist Majority with all-girl punks L7 in 1992 and catches up with the Cramps' Lux & Ivy in 1994.

Don't Fear the Reaper


ALL-DAY MUSICIANSRolling Stone's Barbara Charone meets War bassist B.B. Dickerson (1949-2021) in 1974... and Todd Rundgren talks that same year about the Todd album while introducing keyboard player Ralph Shuckett (1948-2021) and his fellow Utopians.

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“I keep thinking that ‘commercial’, when teamed up with rock music, is an ugly word. That, I’m afraid, is very ’60s thinking…”

Lillian Roxon (1971)

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