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Up In Heaven: Joe Strummer, 1952-2002

Fred Mills, Seattle Weekly, 8 January 2003

Why should we assume people get worse [with age]? I think you should just get on with it. Look at Paul Newman. And the Sufis think people get better, y'know? Every day is a new day, so I just look forward to it. And you can't walk around with expectations anyway. I don't like to know where we're going, actually. Because you always end up somewhere interesting. If you have a specific aim or target, and then you arrive at that point – whatever, the creation of a project – it's like, boring! There's no fun in that somehow, is there? There's no surprise in it. There's no chance in it. This [career] is a construction of chaos, really.
– Joe Strummer, N.Y.C., October 2001

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