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The 101'ers: Hope & Anchor, London

Live Review by Chas de Whalley, New Musical Express, 16 August 1975

THE CELLAR OF Islington's Hope and Anchor is hardly the place to keep cool, calm and collected on one of the hottest nights of the ...

Pub Rock Proms: For Those Who Like Their Rock Hot And Sweaty…

Report by Chas de Whalley, New Musical Express, 15 November 1975

IT'S SATURDAY night, a good ten minutes after closing time. Down at the Hope and Anchor in Islington landlord Fred Granger is going quietly berserk, ...

The 101'ers — 1976

Special Feature by Ira Robbins, Peter Silverton, unpublished, 1976

September 21, 2021 introduction by Ira Robbins  ( ...

The Clash: Greatness from Garageland

Report and Interview by Peter Silverton, Trouser Press, February 1978

UNANNOUNCED, TO SAY the least, a kid in boots, suspenders and short-cropped hair clambers through the photographers' pit and up onto the stage of London's ...

The 101'ers: Keys To The Legend

Interview by Paolo Hewitt, Melody Maker, 28 February 1981

ON THE WAY out of that pub, last Friday afternoon Joe Strummer suddenly gripped my elbow, and propelled me urgently away from the rest of ...

Joe Strummer

Interview by Jon Savage, unpublished, 30 May 1988

This interview was for Jon Savage's classic punk book England's Dreaming, and is published here in its entirity for the first time. ...

Joe Strummer: The Man Who Would Be King

Retrospective and Interview by Kieron Tyler, MOJO, 2005

The 101'ers were about to hit the big time. But then Joe Strummer found punk.  ...

The 101ers: The Key to Joe's Art

Retrospective and Interview by Terry Staunton, Record Collector, June 2005

Punk pioneers the 101ers gave us Joe Strummer's earliest recordings. The band's drummer Richard Dudanski reminisces with Terry Staunton. ...

see also Clash, The

see also Joe Strummer


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