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Remixing: The DJ's DJ

Report and Interview by Push, Andrew Smith, Melody Maker, 18 August 1990

A couple of years ago, the success of DJ-based groups such as M/A/R/R/S, Coldcut, S'Express and Bomb The Bass heralded a new musical era. Now, ...

808 State: Madchester United

Interview by Andrew Smith, Melody Maker, 22 August 1992

The city's clubs are being dosed down by violence, the scene has fragmented and the music's moved on. ANDREW SMITH visits the new 808 STATE ...

808 State: 90 (ZTT ZTT2)

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 1 December 1989

State of some confusion ...

Björk & 808 State: In Yer Glacier!

Report and Interview by Barbara Ellen, New Musical Express, 23 March 1991

I love the smell of God's farts in the morning... It smells of Reykjavik to me! Deep in the Icelandic countryside, surrounded by vile-smelling sulphur ...

808 State plus Björk: Lido, Reykjavik

Live Review by Barbara Ellen, New Musical Express, 23 February 1991


808 State: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Bruce Dessau, The Guardian, 15 April 1991

WHILE Manchester's club culture is rent asunder by rave-dazed apathy and internecine drug wars, the bands that made the scene move on. Happy Mondays are ...

Black Box, Guru Josh, Orbital, 808 State et al: Energy, Docklands Arena, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, Smash Hits, 2 May 1990

TYPICAL SO-called "raves" (i.e. those massive dance parties held in cornfields off the M2S) don't usually start 'til gone midnight. Energy, which bills itself as ...

808 State: Castlefield Amphitheatre, Manchester

Live Review by Dave Simpson, Melody Maker, 6 July 1996

IS THIS THE way the future's really meant to feel? Or just 20,000 mutants standing in a cobbled amphitheatre? Either there's an extremely mad scientist ...

808 State: Castlefield Amphitheatre, Manchester

Live Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 24 June 1996

THINK OF A free open-air gig on the first day of summer and you'd probably imagine hippies, loud rock music and lots of mud. All ...

808 State: Interview with Graham Massey

Interview by David Hemingway, Record Collector, February 2005

THE APHEX TWIN'S Rephlex imprint is to release a duo of 'acid house' remixes of New Order tracks on 13 September. 'Blue Monday (So Hot ...

Jellyfish: Bellybutton (Charisma); 808 State: ex:el (ZTT); Morrissey: Kill Uncle (His Master's Voice)

Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 8 March 1991

Musical literacy makes sound sense ...

808 State: Town and Country Club, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 6 March 1993

THE COMPUTER-DRIVEN orchestral score that is Moby's opening gambit comes as a blessed relief. After two hours of beat-fascism courtesy of the hardcore DJ that ...

808 State: State of the Manc Union

Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 24 November 1990

The Haçienda's half full and "you have to go out of town on a Saturday night to have fun"... so can 808 STATE survive the ...

The Haçienda: Working on a Building of Love

Retrospective by John McCready, The Face, May 1997

It gives us such great joy to sayThat fifteen years ago todayA club was born — the HaçiendaA venue for the maddest bendersSo as you ...

808 State: Electro Therapy

Interview by John Robb, Sounds, 2 March 1991

808 STATE are one of the few genuine 'pop groups' of the underground scene. Not for them a bunch of hairy '60s riffs or ideologies, ...

808 State, N-Joi: G-Mex, Manchester

Live Review by John Robb, Sounds, 23 March 1991

THE RETURN to G-Mex, the core combat zone of the Manchester thing, could have been disturbing. Like, is there a thing going on anymore? The ...

Step Right On Up: Happy Mondays/808 State: G-Mex, Manchester

Live Review by John Robb, Sounds, 31 March 1990

With rave rock shifting into top gear, 8000 watch its spiritual fathers Happy Mondays go mad in Manchester G-Mex. John Robb witnesses one of the ...


Report by Len Brown, The Observer, 17 December 1989

Techno-beat may have played itself out in the capital, but in Manchester it's the rhythm which has sparked a working-class musical revolution. LEN BROWN reports ...

808 State: Genius Plastic

Interview by Lloyd Bradley, Q, April 1991

EASTERN BLOC RECORDS in Manchester's rapidly-becoming-fashionable Oldham Street is, at first glance, no different to any other specialist dance music emporium. ...

808 State's Record Store: Are You Being Served?

Interview by Siân Pattenden, Smash Hits, 6 February 1991

This is EASTERN BLOC in Manchester — the trendiest record shop in the land! It's where the stars buy their records. And it's owned by ...

Björk, Underworld, 808 State: Irvine Beach '96, Irvine Beach Park, Scotland

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 14 September 1996


808 State: Club Citta, Kawasaki

Live Review by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 28 March 1992



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