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Baxter Dury: Len Parrott's Memorial Lift

Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 19 July 2002

WARY OF THE FATE that befalls pop offspring who impersonate their parents (hello, Julian Lennon), Baxter Dury has journeyed as far beyond his dad Ian's ...

Baxter Dury: Barfly, London

Live Review by Ian Gittins, The Guardian, 9 July 2005

HIS MUSIC MAY bear scant resemblance to Ian's, but Baxter Dury seems to have inherited his father's grooming regime. Tousled, dog-eared and sporting a few ...

Baxter Dury: It’s A Pleasure

Review and Interview by Jamie Atkins, Classic Rock, November 2014

BAXTER DURY’S last album, Happy Soup, saw the singer-songwriter follow a period of extended downtime with a more pared-back and lo-fi sound. It’s A Pleasure, ...

Baxter Dury: Prince Charming

Profile and Interview by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, November 2017

After being given an impromptu tour of his manor in search of a decent cup of coffee, RC's Jamie Atkins talked to Baxter Dury about ...

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