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Bluetones, The

Bluetones, The


Supergrass, The Bluetones: Caught By The Buzz

Report and Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 10 March 1995

Have you heard the new Maker motto? They're On The Cover On Tuesday, They're In The Chart On Sunday! First Portishead, then Sleeper, and now ...

The Bluetones: Feeling Supersonic, Here Comes 'Bluetonic'!

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 23 September 1995

THE BLUETONES have neatly dodged 'new Stone Roses' tags to become the first, and arguably the best, Britpop band from Hounslow. EVERETT TRUE reckons they're the ...

The Bluetones: We Have Lift Off!

Interview by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 10 February 1996

When Melody Maker first put THE BLUETONES on the front cover last September, most people wondered who the f*** they were. Now, of course, everybody ...

The Bluetones: Return To The Last Chance Saloon (Superior Quality Recordings) ***

Review by Caitlin Moran, Select, May 1998

This album contains the immortal line, "Maybe the sky will fall/And maybe kill us all/Or just the very tall". ...

The X-rated Files: The Bluetones

Report and Interview by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 1 August 1998

MARK MORRISS lifts up his shirt and winces. It's not a pretty sight – a jumbled wash of red, black and blue, like a colour ...

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