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Take It Easier, Mr. Darin

Profile by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, 28 July 1962

IT WENT on, and on, and on, and on... for months Rumour, counter-rumour, denial, counter-denial... and finally the bouncy young man, who just can't help ...

Bobby Darin: Songs of Freedom

Retrospective by David Burke, Vintage Rock, March 2017

AMERICAN CULTURAL icon Dick Clark once described Bobby Darin as "a musical chameleon" who could effortlessly traverse a multiplicity of genres, from heavy duty rhythm ...

Bobby Darin

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, 2001

b. Walden Robert Cassotto, 14 May 1936, New York, USA, d. 20 December 1973, Los Angeles, California ...

Loraine Alterman on Records

Review by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 1 January 1967

Face to Face With the Kinks' Pop Satire ...

Why the Nightingale Sings: On Bobby Darin's 'Beautiful Things'

Essay by Mark Dery, Thought Catalog, 22 October 2013

The world is full of beautiful things Butterfly wings, fairy tale kings And each new day undoubtedly brings Still more beautiful things ...

Bobby Darin: This Is Darin (London)

Review by uncredited writer, Disc, 26 March 1960


Bobby Darin: Confident Darin Is Careful Over Films

Interview by June Harris, Disc, 26 May 1962

CONFIDENT. That's the word that seems to describe Bobby Darin better than any other. He has known what he wanted, has set out to get ...

Bobby Darin Is A New Man

Interview by Alan Smith, Hit Parader, April 1967

BOBBY DARIN is the singer who set out to become a legend in his own lifetime. He attacked life like a hungry man wolfing down ...

Bobby Darin: Bobby Rocks

Sleeve notes by Todd Everett, Bear Family Records, 2008

THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME – the list of performers, not the museum in Cleveland – has often generated its share of controversy; ...

Bobby Darin: Hate to Ruin His Image, but He's Nice

Interview by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 13 November 1967

I REALLY hate to ruin anyone's reputation, but Bobby Darin just doesn't live up to his: During his years in show business, Bobby has often ...

Was 1960 Really The Worst Pop Year Ever?

Retrospective by Gene Sculatti, Rock's Backpages, March 2010

KIDS TODAY. And the music they listen to! As I write, Billboard's (U.S.) Top 10 features three songs with the F-word in their title, one ...

Bobby Darin: Beyond the Sea...Beyond the Music

Retrospective by Steve Roeser, Goldmine, 27 October 1995

HE WAS born a year after Elvis, and died four years before Presley breathed his last. ...

Bobby Darin: "And This Is Me"

Retrospective by Kieron Tyler, MOJO, March 2005

FROM '50S TEEN idol to '60s folk singer, Bobby Darin never stopped packing a handful of startling singing careers into 15 short, debauched years. Not ...

The Kid: Bobby Darin

Profile by Al Aronowitz, The Blacklisted Masterpieces of Al Aronowitz, 1981

East Harlem, an Italian ghetto, 1936. The kid is born May 14, a Taurus. From the beginning, he's sickly. As soon as he's conscious of ...


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