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Daisy Chainsaw

Daisy Chainsaw


Daisy Chainsaw: Drivin' Miss Daisy

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 11 January 1992

In less than eight years, Daisy Chainsaw will be crushed to death by a giant rock from outer space. So shut up! Listen! We haven't ...

Rock's Savage Sorority

Report and Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, 27 February 1992

Caroline Sullivan on how women are using music to cope with rape, abortion, drugs. ...

The Witch Report

Report and Interview by Betty Page, New Musical Express, 9 May 1992

HIPS, LIPS, TITS, POWER! Meet the new breed of enchantress, the spell-binding women who are taking the male bastille and giving it some earthily female ...


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