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The Byrds' David Crosby (1967)

Interview by Ted Alvy, Rock's Backpages audio, 30 August 1967

The Cros talks about the new vibe of co-operation between musicians, Monterey, the disintegration of Haight-Ashbury, seeing Cream play the Fillmore the night before, and all kinds of other fine stuff

File format: mp3; file size: 36.4mb, interview length: 39' 47" sound quality: ***

David Crosby (1989)

Interview by John Pidgeon, Rock's Backpages audio, 1989

The Cros talks about his biography, Long Time Gone (co-written with Carl Gottlieb), his years of addiction and rehab, friends Mama Cass and Graham Nash, and looks back at Woodstock.

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Monterey Pop Festival: Inside Looking Out

Interview by uncredited writer, KRLA Beat, 15 July 1967

BEAT: Just wanted to get your comments on what's happening here in Monterey this weekend. ...

Dave Crosby: If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic)

Review by Jonathon Green, Oz, April 1971

THE CURRENTLY fashionable craze for the muzak freaks down at J. Walter Thompson (Know the West Coast — all you need's a cursory glance at ...

David Crosby: If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic stereo deluxe 2401005; £2.40)

Review by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 3 April 1971


Reunion Of Old Byrds: A Time For Peace

Report and Interview by Judith Sims, Rolling Stone, 4 January 1973

LOS ANGELES — The five original Byrds are together again and not for the last time. They've made their first album together since Turn! Turn! ...

David Crosby

Profile by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 19 April 1975

IT STARTED with trademark objects, really. When The Byrds got their hit with 'Mr Tambourine Man', Jim McGuinn established himself as the one with those ...

David Crosby: Scared Straight

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 16 January 1987

THE FIRST thing you notice is the twinkle in his eyes. That is the clearest signal that David Crosby is, indeed, back among the living. ...

David Crosby with Carl Gottlieb: Long Time Gone (Doubleday)

Book Review by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 1 December 1988

DAVID CROSBY'S autobiography, Long Time Gone, provides a gripping, sometimes terrifying portrait of a rock stars personal and professional decline through drug addiction. As an ...

David Crosby (1989) [transcript]

Audio transcript of interview by John Pidgeon, Rock's Backpages transcripts, 1989

This is a transcript of John's interview. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

David Crosby: An Interview

Interview by Johnny Black, unpublished, 22 February 1989

INTERVIEW CONDUCTED in the Halcyon Hotel, Holland Park, London, 22.2.89. Crosby casual in jumper, white shirt and slacks. Seriously overweight and often short of breath, ...

David Crosby: A Hippy out of Hell

Interview by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 3 March 1989

David Crosby is back with an album and autobiography. He talks to Adam Sweeting ...

Who the hell does David Crosby think he is?

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, May 1989

THE AGING MUSICIAN sits in his hotel room, an acoustic guitar propped upon his considerable paunch. He tosses back his long, greying hair, fingers his ...

David Crosby

Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, November 2001


David Crosby: A Long Strange Trip

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, November 2003

Over the past 40 years David Crosby has done it all, from crafting transcendental, psychedelic harmonies for the Byrds and CSNY to living a life ...

Barney Hoskyns: Hotel California – Singer-Songwriters & Cocaine Cowboys in the L.A. Canyons, 1967-1976

Book Review by Nick Coleman, Independent on Sunday, 13 November 2005

DOES NARCISSISM have a sound? If it does, it is surely a dulcet, soft, melodic, tender sound. The music – for narcissism is nothing if ...

CPR: David Crosby/James Raymond

Interview by Steven Rosen, Rock's Backpages, 7 September 2007

UP ON THE fifth floor of Warner Brothers Records, David Crosby and James Raymond are embracing each other as if they haven't seen each other ...

David Crosby on If I Could Only Remember My Name

Interview by Sid Griffin, MOJO, January 2008

IF I COULD Only Remember My Name, David Crosby's 1971 debut solo album sits high on a hill, shining brightly, and quite alone in the ...

Jim Dickson, 1931-2011

Obituary by Rob Hughes, The Guardian, 27 June 2011

Producer and manager behind the Byrds ...

David Crosby: "The FBI scare me more than Hell's Angels"

Interview by Paul Lester, The Guardian, 26 February 2014

The legendary songwriter on Janis Joplin, being "the voice of cosmic America" and Croz, his first solo album in 20 years.   ...

David Crosby

Interview by Jeff Tamarkin, M Music & Musicians, 6 June 2014

He helped create two iconic bands, but his latest set is a family affair ...

David Crosby: Late Bloom

Interview by Henry Yates, Guitar Presents Acoustic, Spring 2019

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the original unsubbed version, as submitted to the magazine. ...

David Crosby: Long Time Comin'

Interview by Jon Newey, Jazzwise, September 2020

From early 1960s gigs with Terry Callier and having a song covered by Miles Davis to latter-day collaborations with Snarky Puppy and Steely Dan's Donald ...

Johnny Rogan, 1953-2021

Obituary by Chris Charlesworth, Rock's Backpages, February 2021

MY GOOD FRIEND Johnny Rogan, who died unexpectedly in January aged 67, was among the most prolific and acclaimed music biographers of his generation. Much ...

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