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The Head Doll talks about Lou Reed's Berlin

Interview by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, December 1973

Note: Marty Cerf and I conceived of a series of these for Phonograph Record: I think Iggy may have done Aladdin Sane for PRM. I ...

New York: The Sound Of '75

Report by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 8 November 1975

"BEAT ON the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat..." ...

New York Lights Up With Soggy Matches!

Overview by Robert Duncan, Creem, November 1977

A Consumer Guide To Rock's Last Drag by Robert Drizzle Duncan ...

David Johansen: David Johansen (Blue Sky)

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, June 1978


Up from the valley of the Dolls: David Johansen returns

Report and Interview by Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone, 27 July 1978

ONSTAGE IN Philadelphia in late May, David Johansen is dressed in solid white, his hair swept back, looking like the Staten Island greaser saint he ...

David Johansen, Alone and Strong

Profile and Interview by Wesley Strick, Circus, 14 September 1978

Former Dolls Leader Hasn't Lost Touch with Rock's Electricity ...

David Johansen: This Time It's For Real

Profile and Interview by Jim Sullivan, Sweet Potato, December 1978

"When you look back at every cultural music scene, there were always a couple of bands that came first-like the Beatles and Rolling Stones – ...

Funky (But Chic): David Johansen At Point Blank

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 2 December 1978

RIGHT BETWEEN the eyes, pilgrim. Yeah, he does look like Lee Marvin. In walks the supposed progenitor of all this punko nonsense, ex-New York Doll ...

David Johansen: In Style

Review by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 21 October 1979

DAVID JOHANSEN'S first solo effort last year was a satisfying effort which found the former New York Dolls lead singer working on musical turf halfway ...

David Johansen: Paradise, Boston MA

Live Review by Julie Panebianco, Boston Rock, 3 September 1981

DAVID JOHANSEN danced out into the audience at the Paradise dressed in a sparkle headband and a denim jacket with a likeness of Marilyn Monroe ...

Beyond The Valley Of The New York Dolls

Report and Interview by Roy Trakin, Musician, October 1981

THE FIRST TIME I ever laid eyes on the New York Dolls was New Year's Eve, 1972, at the old Mercer Arts Center, and, quite ...

David Johansen Sings Basso Mondo Profundo

Interview by Bill Holdship, Creem, October 1981

DAVID JOHANSEN should have been a superstar.Imagine... ...

David Johansen: Live It Up (Blue Sky) ****

Review by Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone, 5 August 1982

DESPITE A RAFT OF extraordinary songs and some devastating performances, David Johansen has never made a uniformly good record. In fact, listening to Johansen's albums ...

David Johansen: Position Of A Vagabond Missionary

Interview by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, December 1982

IN AN OFFICE that overlooks Central Park, David Johansen finds the videotape he's looking for, a recording of his New Year's morning show at the ...

David Johansen: Sweet Revenge (10 Records)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 23 February 1985


Buster Poindexter

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Double Trouble, 1988

Buster Poindexter is the cafe incarnation of David Johansen. More than a pseudonym: a happily split personality, an alternate ego, Buster is sometimes surprisingly real. ...

David Johansen: Buster Poindexter Does L.A.

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 29 January 1988

"I LOVE L.A.," announces Buster Poindexter, fingering the stem of a martini glass. "I think it's great." And why shouldn't he? ...

The Strange Case Of Buster Poindexter

Interview by Roy Trakin, Creem, June 1988

"WHY YA GONNA write this for CREEM?," rasps David Johansen in that gravelly Noo Yawk slang his alter ego Buster Poindexter has put to such ...

David Johansen’s Journey Through the Past

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, 10 February 2001

Between songs the occasional, almost plaintive, yelp can be heard: "‘Subway Train’!" "‘Funky But Chic’!" One particularly persistent voice calls for ‘Babylon’, of all things, ...

David Johansen: The MOJO Interview

Interview by Alan Light, MOJO, March 2015

DAVID JOHANSEN sits on the couch in the living room of his wife's long-time, walk-up apartment on a nondescript block of Manhattan's Upper West Side. ...

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