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David Mancuso

David Mancuso


David Mancuso (1998)

Interview by Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton, Rock's Backpages Audio, October 1998

The Godfather of Disco takes us right back to NYC in the '70s and his legendary Loft parties: the gay/straight, black/white clientele; the search for perfect sound; the community of like-minded DJs and much more.

File format: mp3; file size: 73.5mb, interview length: 1h 20' 19" sound quality: ***


David Mancuso: Flat Epic

Profile and Interview by Frank Broughton, Face, The, October 1999

His home was The Loft. He played house before it existed. And New York's David Mancuso has a nun to thank for it all ...

David Mancuso And The Art Of Deejaying Without Deejaying

Retrospective by Greg Wilson,, 2003

CLUB CULTURE is a nowadays a global business, dance music transcending language, translating via rhythm rather than words. Inter-city has become inter-continental where the top ...

Def Mix: The house that Judy built

Retrospective and Interview by Bill Brewster, Pacha, August 2007

AT THE CENTRE of every story is what philosopher Malcolm Gladwell calls a "connector". Connectors are people who know lots of other people. They are ...

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