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Dido, Kendall Payne: the Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 27 August 1999

Dido's Electronic-Folk Goes in Search of Depth ...

No Angel? An Audience with Pop's New Queen

Profile and Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, January 2001

"HELLO, LOVE, IT'S ME," chirps Dido into her mobile phone. Q tries not to listen. Q listens. "Did you record The Sopranos? Great." Then some ...

Dido: What went right?

Profile and Interview by Dave Simpson, Guardian, The, 29 January 2001

LAST NOVEMBER, 29-year-old Dido Armstrong and her boyfriend Bob were discussing their day at work. Bob had gone to the office and relaxed with a ...

Dido: She's Cracked It!

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Q, August 2001

Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong left home at 15, reckons she's "worth 15 billion pounds", guzzles painkillers and measures hotel swimming pools before she ...

Soup with Dido

Interview by David Quantick, Word, The, 2003

DIDO LIVES in Islington, along with half the Labour Party, the entire cast of EastEnders and the late Arthur Mullard, who used to sit outside ...

Dido: Life For Rent

Review by Dan Gennoe,, September 2003

EVERYBODY LOVES a happy ending. And in 2000 the Dido story provided one guaranteed to appeal to the British sense of fair play and love ...

Dido et al: Music to Watch Girls Buy

Overview by Pete Paphides, Times, The, 25 March 2005

Our correspondent casts a weather eye over the fleet of female singer-songwriters floating their sonic pedalos in the wake of Dido's mighty MOR steamship ...


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