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Dixie Chicks, The

Dixie Chicks, The


Dixie Chicks

Interview by Dorian Lynskey, Q, July 1999

Good heavens! It's the bottle-blonde, country Corrs. ...

Dixie Chicks: Fly; Shedaisy: The Whole Shebang

Review by Eric Weisbard, Village Voice, The, September 1999

EVERYONE IN NASHVILLE understands that the New Country formula-slick production with a seamless touch of roots and updated suburban family values-isn't enough anymore. ...

I Shall Be Free: The Blacklisting of Dixie Chicks

Comment by Dave Marsh, Harp, June 2003

IN CHRIS BUHALIS'S 'Talkin' Sounds Just Like Joe McCarthy Blues', John Ashcroft declares questioning him un-American, to which the singer replies, "It's called a democracy. ...

Dixie Chicks: Apollo, Manchester

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, September 2003

DISSENT STILL finds its focus in pop, more than any other art form. But there can have been few less likely standard-bearers for this radical ...

The Dixie Chicks: Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Interview by Andria Lisle, MOJO, October 2003

When they criticised President Bush's war, the Dixie Chicks went from being new country darlings to enemies of the state. Now they’re unlikely keepers of ...

Dixie Chicks: How The Chicks Survived Their Scrap With Bush

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Daily Telegraph, June 2006

Adam Sweeting assesses how the Dixie Chicks have weathered a political storm ...

Dixie Chicks: 'We Had A Song At No 1. The Next Day It Was At No 70'

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, June 2006

NATALIE MAINES has a little cluster of black teardrops tattooed on her lower leg, trickling from her ankle down to her foot. Dixie Chicks' poised ...

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