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Durutti Column, The

Durutti Column, The

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The Durutti Column: the Emaciated Line Between Art and Ambience

Interview by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 2 February 1980

Max Bell spends a day at the Factory with The Durutti Column ...

The Durutti Column: Riverside Studios, London

Live Review by Neil Taylor, New Musical Express, 15 September 1984

SIXTY FOOT up in the Riverside gantry, amongst the clutter of microphones, lights, and soundmen, we witness the return of The Durutti Column. A grand ...

The Durutti Column: Without Mercy (Factory)

Review by Martin Aston, Melody Maker, 8 December 1984

SO MUCH contemporary music strives to conquer eager hearts and incite itchy feet with bombastic crescendoes and prolific sloganeering, substituting the possible with the obvious, ...

Durutti Column: Valuable Passages (Factory)

Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 3 January 1987

SOMETIMES, WHEN you're kept rooted at one spot by something, you stay. None the more sure about what it was that pushed you there, yet ...

Into The Valley! The Deeply Vale Festival

Retrospective and Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, January 2015

1978. Hippies and punks come together at an idyllic free festival near Rochdale: "It was a really transformative moment!" ...

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