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Ellie Greenwich

Ellie Greenwich

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Ellie Greenwich: Let It Be Written Let It Be Sung

Review by Ken Barnes, Rolling Stone, 5 July 1973

A NEW ELLIE GREENWICH album won't provoke Pavlovian ecstasy among the masses, but the news will intrigue a certain hard corps of faithful girl-group fanatics. ...

Ellie Greenwich: Leaders of the Pack

Interview by Roy Carr, Andrew Tyler, New Musical Express, 3 November 1973

Ten years ago the American pop scene was dominated by two opposing song factories — KIRSHNER'S Krazy Kids and the Behemoths of the BRILL BUILDING. ...

Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich: Weavers Of Dreams

Retrospective by Greg Shaw, History of Rock, The, 1982

THE THIRD GREAT husband and wife team of the Brill Building era, Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich hit the scene late. ...

Ellie Greenwich, 1940-2009

Obituary by Richard Williams, Guardian, The, August 2009

NOT LONG AFTER Ellie Greenwich, who has died at the age of 68, met her future husband and songwriting partner Jeff Barry at a Thanksgiving ...

Remembering Songwriting Legend Ellie Greenwich

Retrospective by Jude Rogers, Guardian, The, 27 August 2009

SHE CHANGED the shape of 60s pop by writing some extraordinary songs, including 'Be My Baby' and 'Da Doo Ron Ron' ...

Rock Music Legend Sandy Pearlman On The Passing Of Feminine Culture Power Source, Ellie Greenwich

Obituary by Howie Klein, Huffington Post, 6 September 2009

ON MY FIRST DAY of college freshman orientation I met the president of the student body, Sandy Pearlman. He had long hair and I figured ...

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