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Fred Frith: Speechless (Ralph Records); Robert Fripp: Let The Power Fall (Editions E.G.)

Review by Roy Trakin, Musician, August 1981

WHEN IS A guitarist not a guitarist? What distinguishes pop music from avant-garde or classical? Why is most cerebral music purely instrumental? Can you dance ...

The Downtown Sound — New York Guitar 1986: Part I, The Solo Artists/Composers

Special Feature by Mark Dery, Guitar Player, August 1986

LINK WRAY — whose 1958 hit 'Rumble' sounded an early tremor of what was to become rock and roll guitar — once divulged his jerry-rigged ...

Fred Frith, Lol Coxhill, Liam Glenocky: London Musician's Collective, London

Live Review by David Stubbs, Melody Maker, 2 August 1986

THE LITTLE audience gathers. Fred Frith, veteran ferryman between rock and the avant-garde has rolled up to perform a few odd jobs in the improvisation ...

Fred Frith/Ferdinand Richard: Fred & Ferd Dropera; Fred Frith: Gravity; Speechless; Cheap At Half The Price (all RECREC)

Review by Mark Sinker, The Wire, September 1991

OH. EVERYTHING hasn't quite changed, after all. Frith's excellent retrospective last year, Step Across The Border, seemed to demonstrate how much more New York and ...

Fred Frith: The Frith Element

Interview by Mike Barnes, The Wire, February 1998

Whether upfront on his own projects or undercover in groups like Naked City guitarist FRED FRITH has sought ever more imaginative ways to keep the ...

On the Edge: Sunny delights

Column by John L. Walters, The Guardian, 8 August 2003

In hot weather, some tunes just have to be heard in the great outdoors says John L Walters ...

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