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Garnet Mimms: Whisky A Go Go, London

Live Review by Bill Millar, Soul Music, April 1967

MANY ENTHUSIASTS feel that Garnet Mimms is the best of the current crop of soul-ballad vocalists and if we pretend that "soul" is an idiom ...

Jimi Hendrix Experience, Garnet Mimms: Saville Theatre, London

Live Review by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 13 May 1967

Hendrix turns on the heat ...

Jimi Hendrix, Garnet Mimms, 1-2-3: Saville Theatre, London

Live Review by Derek Boltwood, Record Mirror, 13 May 1967

I ALWAYS get the impression that the American Soul Singers visiting this country are graduates of the 'National Soul Factory of America'. Garnet Mimms at ...

Reflections On Garnet Mimms

Overview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 4 December 1970

NEW YORK SOUL '64 TO '67 ...

Garnet Mimms: In Search Of A Record Outlet

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 11 June 1971

SOME FOUR years ago, Garnet Mimms was just about the hottest R&B entertainer in the States. Then his contract with United Artists Records expired and ...

Garnet Mimms: The Mysterious Fade-Out Of Garnet Mimms

Retrospective by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 20 October 1973

JIMMY HELMS has a fair rendering of 'I'll Take Good Care Of You' competing in the chart stakes right now, but soul freaks who can ...

Garnet Mimms: Mr. Mimms Comes Truckin' On Back

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 2 August 1977

Garnet Mimms, already assured of a place in Soul's Hall of Fame, is back in business after a two-year lay-off spent cooling out and reflecting ...

Unsung Heroes: Garnet Mimms

Retrospective by Roger St. Pierre, Blues & Soul, 12 October 1993

Roger St Pierre tracks some of the legendary names from R&B history. ...

Roll with the Punches: An Interview with Jerry Ragovoy

Interview by Dan Nooger, Record Collector, May 2017

The late Jerry Ragovoy wrote and arranged some of the greatest records of the last century. This unpublished interview by Dan Nooger found him recalling ...


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