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Gomez: Grim North Meets Crazy South

Interview by Tom Cox, Uncut, June 1998

THE INITIAL sensation sits somewhere between inspecting the tonsils of a vast, mythical reptile from The Land That Time Forgot and stepping around the mouth ...

Gomez's Ben Ottewell

Interview by Terry Staunton, Uncut, October 1998

Spark up a snout, let the songs of Joni Mitchell soothe you to sleep, and watch out for Homer's gut with that cannonball. BEN OTTEWELL ...

Gomez: Eclectic Avenue

Interview by Tom Cox, Guardian, The, 25 June 1999

Gomez may have won the Mercury Music Prize, but they're not your typical hard-living rock stars. Tom Cox meets the broadest minds in the business ...

Gomez: Irving Plaza, NYC

Live Review by Richard Gehr, Village Voice, The, 28 September 1999

WHEN GOMEZ SINGS the line from 'Here Comes the Breeze' that goes, "There's no shame in going out of style," you have to admire the ...

Gomez: Barrowlands, Glasgow ****

Live Review by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 27 October 1999

IT ALWAYS happens like this. You send your wee boys off to college, or indeed to war, and they come back big, strapping men. Yeah, ...

Gomez: Liquid Skin (Virgin)

Review by Richard Gehr, Spin, November 1999

RAISED ON the self-consciously savvy white American soul of acts such as the Black Crowes, Beck, and Slayer, these five young Mojo cover boys ("The ...


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