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Graham Nash (1981)

Interview by James Johnson, Rock's Backpages audio, September 1981

The sweet-voiced Mancunian on his relationship with the Hollies and their reunion; meeting Stills and Crosby and the start of that whole thing; his relationship with Joni Mitchell, and his new healthy lifestyle!

File format: mp3; file size: 17.8mb, interview length: 19' 25" sound quality: ****

Graham Nash (2016)

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Rock's Backpages audio, 8 March 2016

The ex-Hollie and CSN(Y) associate talks about his new album This Path Tonight; about seeing the Everlys in Manchester as a youth, harmony singing, the recent changes in his life; about Trump, religion and the state of the world, and his continuing love of photography; and about the tribulations of David Crosby and the health of old flame Joni Mitchell.

File format: mp3; file size: 49.5mb, interview length: 51' 35" sound quality: *****

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Hollie Graham Nash Finds His Face!

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 28 October 1966

THE HOLLY WHO has found his face is Graham Nash. For too long the Hollies have been written about as "the faceless wonders of pop" ...

The Hollies: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Interview by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 4 March 1967


Graham May Split The Hollies

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 18 May 1968

He talks about this... his ego... the future... his faith in God... and the Hollies, Scaffold, Paul Jones tour ...

Fingers are crossed for Hollies "stopgap" single

Interview by Royston Eldridge, Melody Maker, 8 March 1969

POP'S MOST consistent hitmakers, the Hollies, are back on the chart trail for the first time without Graham Nash but feeling more of a group ...

Graham Nash: Song of a Simple Man

Interview by Geoffrey Cannon, Melody Maker, 9 November 1970

Update, 2020. I paid no attention to Graham Nash or to his band the Hollies, the close-harmony Manchester band formed in 1962 inspired by the ...

Joni Mitchell, James Taylor et al: The Pop Aristocrats

Overview by Caroline Boucher, Disc and Music Echo, 20 March 1971

There's a new pop elite in America today, a closely-knit group of singers and musicians who have taken the music scene by storm. The members ...

Joni Mitchell: Blue/Graham Nash: Songs for Beginners

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 29 June 1971

JONI MITCHELL'S new album, Blue, is about to be released here by Warner Brothers (K 44128). A large proportion of Joni's most notable songs, to date, ...

Graham Nash: Songs for Beginners

Review by Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stone, 22 July 1971

IF YOU ACCEPT Graham Nash on his own terms, which is simply as a nice guy who somehow wound up a musician, then you probably ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Graham Nash, Cheech & Chong: the Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 29 September 1973

Neil joins Roxy music! ...

Graham Nash: Tales Behind Wild Tales

Interview by Loraine Alterman, Rolling Stone, 28 March 1974

NEW YORK – In the living room of a moss-green suite at the Plaza Hotel, Graham Nash sits at the piano with an harmonica braced ...

Graham Nash: Return of the Manchester Mind Wrestler

Interview by Andrew Tyler, New Musical Express, 20 April 1974

CONSIDERING the wastage rate in the higher echelons of rock 'n' roll, it's not difficult to accept as the norm a situation in which an ...

Graham Nash: The Winds Of Change

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 1 February 1980

INTEGRITY, MORE than any other word seems to define what Graham Nash is all about. ...

David Crosby: An Interview

Interview by Johnny Black, unpublished, 22 February 1989

INTERVIEW CONDUCTED in the Halcyon Hotel, Holland Park, London, 22.2.89. Crosby casual in jumper, white shirt and slacks. Seriously overweight and often short of breath, ...

Graham Nash: A Technology to Teach the Children Well

Interview by Charles Bermant, The New York Times, 13 March 1995

IN THE INFORMATION age, powerful technology without compelling content is an empty experience indeed. This realization by the singer Graham Nash led to his partnership ...

5.1 Way Street: Graham Nash

Interview by Mike Mettler, Sound + Vision, April 2002

"I TEND TO GET carried away with technology," admits Graham Nash, one-third of the sweet harmonic equation that comprises the signature sound of Crosby, Stills ...

Classic Rock Corner: Graham Nash Interviewed

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 4 January 2009

THERE ISN'T MUCH mystery to Graham Nash. Not that that's a bad thing at all. In fact, if you want to know how the British ...

Wild Tales: A Candid Conversation with Graham Nash

Interview by Bill DeYoung, Goldmine, 16 January 2009

"I knew that I would have to spend years with these guys" – Graham Nash  ...

Graham Nash: Reflections

Review by Bud Scoppa, Uncut, February 2009

The nice guy with the soaring voice finally gets his due. ...

Graham Nash

Interview by Graeme Thomson, The Word, March 2009

IT HAS NEVER occurred to me before Graham Nash points it out, but 'Marrakesh Express' isn't just a breezily literal account of the illicit delights ...

Henry Diltz: Caught in the Canyon

Retrospective and Interview by Sean O'Hagan, The Observer, 26 May 2013

He photographed the most enduring images of the '60s folk-rock stars who lived in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon. Now Henry Diltz stars in a documentary about ...

CSNY 1974: An Interview with Graham Nash

Interview by Harvey Kubernik, Rock's Backpages, July 2014

DAVID CROSBY, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young release their CSNY 1974 boxed set from their historic 1974 tour on July 8th. The forty previously ...

Graham Nash (2016) [transcript]

Audio transcript of interview by Adam Sweeting, Rock's Backpages transcripts, 8 March 2016

This is a transcription of Adam's audio interview with Graham. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

In Praise of the Hollies

Retrospective by Mitchell Cohen, Music Aficionado, 2017

WITH THEIR EXUBERANT three-part harmony, chiming guitar riffs, and keen sense of what makes a memorable hook, the Hollies created a signature sound. At first, ...

Graham Nash

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Mail On Sunday, 21 July 2018

Graham Nash reveals why he's dating a woman half his age after turning his back on his wife, drugs AND his former bandmates ...

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