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Grandaddy: The Monarch, London

Live Review by Stevie Chick, Melody Maker, 21 February 1998

A LESSON in not listening to The Man, who would have you believe that bands like Grandaddy, stretching their thrift-store synths way beyond their limits ...

Super Furry Animals, Grandaddy: Academy, Manchester

Live Review by Stevie Chick, Melody Maker, 23 May 1998


Grandaddy: The Sophtware Slump

Review by Ed Doheny, Rock's Backpages, December 2000

"SHOULD NEVER have left the crystal lake/For parties full of folks who flake." There’s something irresistible about gnarly American guys going back to the land, ...

Grandaddy: Manchester University

Live Review by Rob Hughes, Uncut, April 2001

STRANGE TALES of exploding androids, lost loves, graveyards for household gadgets, crashed spaceships, sunken dreams and cock-and-bull tourist authorities. Welcome to the bevelled woodchuckery of ...

Grandaddy: Sumday (V2)

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rock's Backpages, June 2003

IN JASON LYTLE’S WORLD – one that should be readily recognisable to the rest of us in this troubling decade – things are breaking down, ...

Grandaddy: Hobo Sapiens

Report and Interview by David Quantick, Word, The, July 2003

Born in a place anyone would be desperate to leave, Grandaddy decided to stay, and earn their wit and wisdom the hard way. Now their ...

Grandaddy: Corn Exchange, Brighton

Live Review by Keith Cameron, MOJO, February 2004

"THAT LAST song started with the letter 'g'," frowns Jason Lytle from beneath his truck-stop hat. "This song starts with the letter 'g'." ...

Grandaddy, from beyond the grave: Jason Lytle talks

Interview by Mike Diver, Drowned in Sound, 28 June 2006

PERHAPS WE should have seen it coming: the official "it's over" announcement was a way off yet, but Grandaddy's penultimate release (excluding singles), Excerpts From ...


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