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Gregg Allman

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 26 January 1974

GREGG ALLMAN picked up an old Gibson acoustic guitar and allowed his nimble fingers to slide over the six new strings. He tuned it and ...

Gregg Allman: Carnegie Hall, New York City

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 20 April 1974

GREGG ALLMAN, the usually shy keyboards wizard, emerges into the limelight at last. Chris Charlesworth was there... ...

Gregg Allman: Felt Forum, New York NY

Live Review by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 14 December 1974

Greg — mining the blues ...

The Gregg Allman Band: Just Before The Bullets (Fly CBS)

Review by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, 6 May 1989

SO BROTHER Duane was perhaps the leading exponent of slide guitar, his virtuoso expertise gracing the grooves of Clapton's finest hour and a half, Layla ...

Midnight Riders: Gregg Allman

Report and Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 9 November 2000

YOU WOULDN'T normally associate the phrase "jacket required" with a concert titled "Gregg Allman and Friends," but the gravelly-voiced singer and keyboardist hopes to find ...

All Star's Concert For T Bone Is Well Done

Live Review by Jim Sullivan, Boston Herald, 18 October 2010

I FIRST SAW T Bone Burnett in 1975 when he was 27 and one of the less-known musicians on Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue tour. ...

Gregg Allman: Low Country Blues

Review by Andy Gill, The Word, February 2011

T-Bone Burnett brings Gregg Allman back from the brink with a blues injection. It's the best solo album he's ever made. ...

Gregg Allman: Low Country Blues

Review by Larry Jaffee, Audiophile Review, Fall 2011

BEFORE YOU EVEN HEAR a note, the coupling of Gregg Allman produced by T-Bone Burnett seems like a match made in heaven. ...

Gregg Allman, Southern Rock Pioneer, Dead at 69

Obituary by Richard Gehr, Rolling Stone, 27 May 2017

Allman Brothers Band leader "passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia". ...

Gregg Allman

Retrospective by Alan Light, MOJO, September 2017

IT WAS the final show the Allman Brothers Band would ever play. On October 28, 2014 the group made its last appearance at the Beacon ...

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