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The Grid: Mellow sonic boom

Interview by Simon Reynolds, The Observer, 30 September 1990

THIS SUMMER, The Grid released 'Floatation', a single that perfectly captured the New Age mood that has pervaded club culture in 1990. 'Floatation' combined deep ...

The Grid: Boom At The Top

Profile and Interview by Kris Needs, Black Echoes, 21 September 1991

MUSICAL BARRIERS are currently falling faster than Russian statues. Exciting crossovers are making it often redundant to use terms like house, hip-hop and soul while ...

Us3 and the Grid: Could Ludwig Van be techno's main man?

Report and Interview by David Toop, The Times, 20 May 1994

Sampling jazz rarities on to dance tracks could become old hat, now musicians can concoct raves from the grave. David Toop reports ...

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