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Public Image Ltd. (1981)

Interview by Kris Needs, Rock's Backpages audio, 1981

John Lydon, Keith Levene and (a barely audible) Jeanette Lee on: the Flowers of Romance album; what was wrong with Wobble; Satin tour jackets; the Futurists & Steve Strange; problems with Virgin Records and more.

File format: mp3; file size: 41.2mb, interview length: 45' 01" sound quality: **

PiL (1988)

Interview by Mat Snow, Rock's Backpages audio, August 1988

Live Aid? Bollocks! Mat Snow battles the airport tannoy to hear pearls of wisdom from John Lydon and band.

File format: MP3 File size: 16.1 mb<br> Interview length: 23 minute 47 seconds Sound quality: ***

John Lydon (1990)

Interview by Steven Daly, Rock's Backpages audio, September 1990

John Lydon, eco-warrior, talks about — among many things — rap, NWA, and the Moral Majority; Malcolm McLaren and Bernie Rhodes; ex-bandmate Steve Jones; living in Los Angeles; punks becoming the new establishment; football and his beloved Arsenal; his take on fashion; liking Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour and offending Joni Mitchell; the current PiL and the band's previous members; on being involved in film... and being very rude about the Clash.

File format: mp3; file size: 104mb, interview length: 1h 48' 20" sound quality: ***

John Lydon (2015)

Interview by Paul Zollo, Rock's Backpages audio, 5 August 2015

The venerable (post)punk talks about how he writes, from the Pistols days through PiL: his influences, motivation and about specific songs.

File format: mp3; file size: 31.3mb, interview length: 34' 09" sound quality: ** (phoner)

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A Punk And His Music: An Evening With John Rotten

Interview by uncredited writer, Sounds, 23 July 1977

JOHNNY ROTTEN digs reggae and soul. That was one of the more interesting facets of his personality that emerged when he was interviewed by DJ ...

Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten (1977) [transcript]

Audio transcript of interview by John Tobler, Rock's Backpages transcripts, 11 November 1977

This is a transcript of John's audio interview with Sid and Johnny. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

John Lydon: Man A Warrior – The Interview part 1

Report and Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 4 March 1978

There's only one place to be late at night in Jamaica – tuned in to radio JBC, the man Michael Campbell, the man they call ...

John Lydon: Man A Warrior, part 2

Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 11 March 1978

CYNICS AMONG the SOUNDS readership may have been wondering why/how our Johnny Rotten underwent such a speedy transformation into this new-fangled character called Johnny Cool, ...

The Poolside Pronouncements Of Johnny 'No-Tan' Rotten

Interview by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 18 March 1978

JOHN ROTTEN likes dressing up. Seeing him stuck away under a parasol by the side of the Olympic-sized pool of the Kingston Sheraton at eleven ...

Johnny Rotten in Toronto

Interview by Gary Pig Gold, The Pig Paper, August 1978

Johnny Says Never Mind The Bollocks ...

Rotten v. McLaren: No Winner

Report by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 24 February 1979

AS JOHNNY Rotten savours his first victory in the Lydon-Glitterbest case, Public Image Ltd. prepare to record a second album with a new drummer, the ...

The Rise And Fall Of Malcolm McLaren Part Three: Last Tango In Paris — 'Je Ne Regrette Rien...'

Retrospective and Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 30 June 1979


The Fugitive: John Lydon at Large

Interview by Chris Salewicz, The Face, December 1980

IT SEEMS POETICALLY APPROPRIATE that John Lydon has chosen Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange as the film to insert into the video-cassette deck at Virgin's Townhouse ...

John Lydon: The Primal Yawn

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Melody Maker, 8 February 1986

John Lydon, a cartoon character no longer, is back with a single which looks like being a bit of a hit, and an album called ...

John Lydon: This Is What You Get

Interview by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 8 February 1986

THIS IS the beginning of an interview with the John Lydon who has drunk seven cans of Red Stripe lager, after breakfasting on oysters. ...

Lydon vs McLaren: The End of the Affair

Report by Jon Savage, Spin, April 1986

EARLY IN 1976, the Sex Pistols were a good idea trying to get started, gate-crashing other people's concerts — with instruments allegedly stolen from rich ...

John Lydon: …Heeere's Johnny!

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, July 1989

IN THE BAR OF the North London rehearsal studio complex, John Lydon, wearing a typically loud shirt, a pair of unorthodox dark spectacles and the ...

John Lydon

Interview by Steven Daly, Interview, January 1991

RESPLENDENT IN a California combo of fluorescent shorts and suntan, and crowned by a thatch of blond hair, the former Johnny Rotten answers the door ...

John Lydon

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, March 1992

THE MAN IN THE ETHNIC-TEA-COSY-STYLED headwear and the unsightly puce satin ski pants lies back on my sofa, swigs lustily from a bottle of strong ...

John Lydon and Leftfield

Interview by Kris Needs, New Musical Express, 27 November 1993

IT'S ONE NIGHT in June '92, long past midnight at the Brixton Academy. The Orb have finished washing the cerebral nether regions of the full-on ...

Speed: Sinus Of The Times

Report by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 19 March 1994

Hey, you! Are you trying to coat your lungs with a half-pound bag of baking soda mixed with industrial-strength heroin and dealer's dandruff? STEVEN 'Just ...

Who the Hell Does John Lydon Think He Is?

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, June 1994

THE INTERVIEW, Q vs Lydon, should have taken place several months ago but when I turned up on his Fulham doorstep and rang his bell, ...

John Lydon: The Q 100 interview

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, January 1995

HOW THE devil are you?Oh, I'm all right. I'm fiiiine. I'm lovely. I'm doing a solo record. Just me. John Lydon and nobody else. ...

John Lydon: Psycho's Path

Review by David Stubbs, Uncut, August 1997

THIS IS Lydon's first solo album, recorded before and after the calamitous reunion of The Sex Pistols. You'd have thought his cup of derision would ...

No Future? At Least Lydon Isn't Hung Up On The Past

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 22 August 1999

JOHN LYDON – once (and probably forever) known as Johnny Rotten – does not stomp around the world in a bad mood, contrary to popular ...

Johnny Rotten on the Sex Pistols' 20 Wildest Moments

Interview by Neil Mason, Melody Maker, June 2000

With The Filth & The Fury coming your way, John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten, recalls how the Sex Pistols became the most exciting band ever ...

Psychobabble: John Lydon

Interview by Neil Mason, Melody Maker, June 2000

NOTE: When the Filth and the Fury film was released in 2000, Lydon agreed to do three press interviews, of which Melody Maker, for some ...

Lydon and I

Book Excerpt by Paul Wellings, 'I'm a Journalist...Get Me Out of Here!', 2004

I BLUFFED my way into journalism and am still bluffing in the PR world. If the truth were told, most journalists are bluffers to some ...

John Lydon: Fist of Fury

Interview by Keith Cameron, MOJO, February 2004

After 17 years as a California exile, John Lydon in 2004 occupies his time with satellite football, a new solo album and railing against his ...

Anarchy In The UK Gold

Guide by Terry Staunton, unpublished, October 2004

JOHN LYDON is expected to put the cat among the pigeons during his forthcoming stint on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here — ...

John Rotten Lydon in a Few Words

Essay by Glenn O'Brien, VMan, Spring 2005

OKAY, JUST THINKING about him, I got a powerful yen to listen to John Lydon's music and as the vinyl's all out at the country ...

An Interview with John Lydon

Profile and Interview by Jon Wilde, Mail On Sunday, January 2007

JOHN LYDON CERTAINLY knows how to make an entrance. Within ten seconds of being introduced, he's already demonstrated his full armoury of trademark gestures. ...

John Lydon

Interview by John Doran, The Stool Pigeon, March 2010

IN CALIFORNIA WE MEET a traveller from an antique land. On two scrawny legs – KFC issue – he stands. He has a shattered look. ...

Mr Rotten and the Weaponry of Words

Interview by Julian Marszalek, Gigwise, 6 March 2017

John Lydon opens up about 40 years of lyric writing ...

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