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Larry Coryell: Breaking Through The Barriers

Interview by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 4 November 1967

MM pop writer Nick Jones on the Gary Burton quartet in general — and guitarist Larry Coryell in particular — finds new hope for jazz ...

Herbie Mann, Roy Ayers, Steve Marcus: Village Gate, New York NY

Live Review by Ian Dove, Billboard, 5 October 1968

Mann Unwraps Big Solid Surprise Pkg. ...

Larry Coryell: Rock Guitarist Moves Along, Shunning the Blues

Profile and Interview by Mike Jahn, The New York Times, 25 October 1968

IT SEEMS hard, almost impossible, to become a top rock guitarist without embracing the blues. But Larry Coryell, who is currently appearing at the Scene, ...

Larry Coryell: The Trident, Sausalito CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 21 November 1968

3 Old Friends Bust Loose At the Trident ...

Larry Coryell: Lady Coryell (Vanguard SVRL 19051)

Review by Mark Williams, International Times, 5 December 1969

THIS IS quite possibly the most important record Philips have put out this year. Coryell is an unclassifiable guitarist and an artist who uses sound ...

Larry Coryell: Long Distance Larry

Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 21 August 1971

SINCE HE left Gary Burton and after that four-month stint with Herbie Mann — no one has been in much doubt that Larry Coryell has ...

Larry Coryell: Keystone Korner, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 1 December 1971

Larry Coryell Zips By ...

Eleventh House: Larry Coryell's Supergroup

Interview by John Swenson, Zoo World, 14 March 1974

ROSLYN, NEW York, 1974. Larry Coryell's Eleventh House returned to My Father's Place, the Long Island club where the band was born six months earlier, convinced that they ...

Coryell and Spam... (With Not So Much Miles In It)

Interview by Brian Case, New Musical Express, 22 February 1975

"I'm always secretly happy when somebody comes to me after a concert and says 'I didn't like it because it was too commercial.' It means ...

Larry Coryell: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 12 July 1975

YOU COULD tell it was Jazz night at Dingwalls. ...

Larry Coryell and Steve Khan: Two For The Road (Arista SPART 1050)****

Review by Hugh Fielder, Sounds, 6 May 1978

LARRY CORYELL'S continuing musical adventures are leading him down a series of unexpected avenues — who he's playing with now is anybody's guess — but ...


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