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Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs

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Laura Veirs: Carbon Glacier

Review and Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, March 2004

LESS THAN TEN YEARS AGO, Laura Veirs was struck on being a geologist. Then, exploring a remote desert corner of northwest China with a bunch ...

Laura Veirs: The Triumphs And Travails Of Orphan Mae

Review and Interview by Nick Hasted, Uncut, March 2005

First UK release of Veirs' second album, in wake of hugely acclaimed Carbon Glacier. AFTER 1999'S PUNKISH, eponymous debut, this was where Veirs began to learn ...

Laura Veirs: Bush Hall, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 27 September 2005

THE RECENTLY COINED "AMERICANA" GENRE that Seattle songwriter Laura Veirs inhabits is underpinned by a yearning to reconnect with the land. In Veirs's case, this ...

Laura Veirs: The DIY Queen of Quirk

Profile and Interview by Robert Sandall, Daily Telegraph, 6 October 2005

Laura Veirs is bringing her irresistibly oddball folk-rock to Europe. And, Robert Sandall finds, she's doing it the hard way. ...

Laura Veirs: Manchester University

Live Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 11 April 2007

"WE HOPE YOU LIKE our embroidered outfits," begins Laura Veirs. "We went that extra mile." She is referring to her floral dress and the suits ...

Laura Veirs: Bush Hall, London W12

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 3 August 2007

LAURA VEIRS EXISTS in a universe that runs parallel to the mainstream music industry, if not directly counter to it. With six studio albums to ...

Laura Veirs: July Flame

Review and Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, January 2010

Peachy "comeback" from Portland nature-lover. ...

Laura Veirs: Mixed-Up Confusion

Interview by John Lewis, Hotline, January 2010

Laura Viers came to folk via punk, is geeky yet cool, young but experienced and both delicate and tough. John Lewis meets her. ...

Laura Veirs: Academy, Manchester

Live Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 20 January 2010

LADY GAGA HAS A BRA FIRING SPARKS; La Roux has that gravity-defying quiff. Pacific north-western chanteuse Laura Veirs's only visual prop is the large bulge ...

Laura Veirs: Union Chapel, London N1

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 29 January 2010

A set dominated by music from her latest album July Flame did not disappoint fans of the Oregon folk singer-songwriter ...

Laura Veirs

Interview by Johnny Black, R2/Rock'n'Reel, March 2010

"I DON'T OWN MANY THINGS," Laura Veirs tells me. "I'm not a things person." ...

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