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Various Artists: Seventh National Jazz And Blues Festival, Windsor

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, August 1967

I've got those Seventh National Jazz And Blues Festival blues ...

The Who, Traffic, the Herd, the Tremeloes, Marmalade: Walthamstow Granada, London

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, November 1967

FANS WENT wild for both houses of the Who-Herd-Traffic-Tremeloes tour when it hit Walthamstow Granada on Saturday. ...

Marmalade: No Peel For Marmalade

Report and Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, June 1968

THEY DON'T like Peel in Marmalade. The well-known voice of hippery has frequently expressed opinions that the Scots lads once known as Dean Ford and ...

NME Reporters Cover the Weekend's Major Event — the Eighth National Jazz and Blues Festival

Live Review by Keith Altham, Richard Green, New Musical Express, August 1968


Marmalade: Marmalade May Become Even Tastier

Interview by David Hughes, Disc and Music Echo, March 1971

HUGHIE NICHOLSON is fairly small, very handsome, likeable, unassuming, smart and – so they tell me – a more-than-adequate guitarist, singer and writer. ...

Junior Campbell: Hallelujah Campbell

Interview by Barbara Charone, New Musical Express, June 1973

JUNIOR CAMPBELL is one artist with a hit single who you won't find on stage. After 10 years with Marmalade, he's content to take things ...

Marmalade: Sweet Sounds And Sticky Patches

Retrospective by Fred Dellar, History of Rock, The, 1982

The Marmalade were an archetypal UK pop group who had the misfortune to operate in an era of progressive rock. ...

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