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Monie Love

Monie Love

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Monie Love: Down to Earth (Warner Bros.)

Review by Amy Linden, Spin, January 1991

LET'S JUST cut to the chase on this one: Down to Earth is okay. Not great, not bad — just a firm okay. With all ...

Monie Love: Good morning, America!

Interview by Lloyd Bradley, Q, February 1991

Time, once more, to place that seat-back in the upright position, adjust the watch to New York time and take your Battersea-born brand of rap ...

Monie Love: The Nice Ness

Profile and Interview by Amy Linden, Creem, April 1993

BEFORE SHE had even secured a record deal, Simone Johnson, aka Monie Love, was already one of the most in-demand rappers on the burgeoning Afrocentric ...

Monie Love: In a Word or 2 (Warner Bros.)

Review by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, 10 June 1993

MONIE LOVE is a good storyteller, an adept rapper and a mediocre songwriter. Her lyrics flow and flow, but on In a Word or 2, ...


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