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It's Getting Boring Says Noel The Red

Interview by David Griffiths, Record Mirror, 18 January 1969

A SLIGHTLY haggard Noel Redding staggered into the tavern and eased himself into a chair. Of course, it immediately crossed my mind that the poor ...

Redding On Jimi: "I Said Stuff It"

Interview by Ritchie Yorke, Rolling Stone, 15 November 1969

LONDON — It was an experience, yes, but it was no picnic to have been Jimi Hendrix' bass player for three years. In the end, ...

Noel Redding: Redding, Willing And Able

Interview by Mark Plummer, Melody Maker, 20 May 1972

NOEL Redding looks a bit shell-shocked these days. ...

Noel Redding: I Dream Of Jimi

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 1 May 1976

"THEY'VE gotta name for you people." Eric Bell settled back in a speeding Volkswagen as we wound through the West Cork countryside, and addressed the ...

Noel Redding: More Than Just Jimi Hendrix's Bass Player

Interview by Steven Rosen, Guitar Player, October 1976

IT IS INEVITABLE when dealing with such a visible force as Jimi Hendrix that persons who were close to him – and even played music ...

Noel Redding: Blowin'

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 27 November 1976

ROCK LYRICS aren't usually worth printing on the sleeve, but most bands display their adolescent poetry as if Homer played rhythm guitar, and Dostoyevsky was ...

Noel Redding Boxes His Own Experience

Interview by Charles Bermant, Rolling Stone Online, 20 July 2000

ASK NOEL REDDING what will be on the "new box set," and he won't offer any insight about the upcoming release that features dozens of ...

He Don't Live Today (Sorry): My Noel Redding Experience

Memoir by Gary Pig Gold, Rock's Backpages, May 2003

LET ME TELL YOU: The very first "real" concert I was ever allowed to attend as a wee Canadian tyke just so happened to be ...

Noel Redding 1945-2003

Obituary by Phast Phreddie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, May 2003

NOEL REDDING (57) was found dead at his home in Clonakity, Ireland on May 11. No cause of death has been reported. He ...

The Angels Did Sing: Noel Redding 1945-2003

Memoir by Keith Altham, Rock's Backpages, May 2003

MY FIRST TRIP to the U.S. for the New Musical Express was with The Jimi Hendrix Experience for the Monterey Festival. So the sad death ...

The Grim Reporter

Obituary by Phast Phreddie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, June 2003

Phast Phreddie Patterson on those gone but not forgotten ...

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