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OutKast: Live in London

Live Review by Gavin Martin, Uncut, April 2001

THE LAUREL And Hardy of phuture rap ...


Outkast's André Benjamin (2001)

Interview by Gavin Martin, Rock's Backpages Audio, April 2001

The flamboyant Mr Benjamin on Stankonia, the influence of Brit dance music, meeting Big Boi, early influences and much more.

File format: mp3; file size: 31.8mb, interview length: 34' 43" sound quality: * (phoner)



Interview by Michael A. Gonzales, Vibe, August 1994

LaFace's latest rap group is climbing the charts and having a 'Player's Ball' ...

OutKast In The Promised Land

Interview by Miles Marshall Lewis, The Source, August 1996

FINAL EXAMS AT Morehouse College were a bitch. Nearly four in the morning on a starry autumn night years ago, I found myself making a ...

Tribal Movement: Hip Hop in 1998

Overview by Miles Marshall Lewis, The Village Voice, 2 March 1999

A TRIBE CALLED Quest died for the sins of hip hop in 1998, so the story goes. R.I.P. And roll away the stone. ...

OutKast: Stankonia (Arista)

Review by Amy Linden, XXL, 2000

ECLECTICISM IS NOT usually associated with hip hop. Most artists, especially those who sell, want to maintain their base, yet in an effort to keep ...

The Way They Are: Eminem and Friends

Review by Cleothus Hardcastle, Rock's Backpages, December 2000

HIP HOP, you don’t stop. Whatever it is that this hybrid of street poetics and processed beats represents for modern culture, it ain’t going away. ...

This week's best new band is… Outkast

Profile and Interview by Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker, 6 December 2000



Profile and Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 6 January 2001

They claim to be outsiders, but psychedelic southern playas Big Boi and Dre are already two million LPs ahead of the rap competition. ...

Partners in Rhyme: OutKast

Profile and Interview by Paul Lester, The Guardian, 18 May 2001

One of them is a blonde-wigged, teetotal vegetarian who reads Pushkin. The other breeds pitbulls in his spare time. Together they have been called the ...

OutKast/Ludacris: The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York

Live Review by Eric Weisbard, Spin, June 2001

REMEMBER WHEN hip-hop shows were sloppy mishmashes of mistimed records and ten people bellowing at once? ...

Pretty In Pink: OutKast: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York *****

Live Review by Dorian Lynskey, Q, July 2001

The future of hip hop looks rosy ...

Funk: Bootsy Collins and OutKast

Interview by Angus Batey, Dazed & Confused, December 2001

What is funk anyway? A type of music? A sound? An attitude, a style, a feeling? ...

Whitney Houston: Houston, still a problem

Review by Lisa Verrico, The Times, 4 January 2002

Troubled superstar Whitney Houston overdoses on sugar, says Lisa Verrico ...

Southern Gents: OutKast: Big Boi And Dre Present... OutKast (LaFace/Arista) ****

Review by Dorian Lynskey, Q, February 2002

Yee-haw! Technicolour hip hop rises again ...

OutKast: Kicking up a Stank (Arista) *****

Review by David Stubbs, Uncut, March 2002

Best of dirty South rappers' first three albums interspersed with new material ...

Audiotistic: "Happy Hip-Hop" Sets Festival's Vibe

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 11 April 2002

The organizers of Audiotistic expect 37,000 fans to show up for an event that plays against type. ...

Outkast: Southern Swelter

Interview by JoE Silva, Remix, 1 August 2003

WE ARE ROLLING in a ridiculously immaculate Land Rover beneath a calm Atlanta skyline just after sunset. ...

OutKast: Come Together

Interview by Angus Batey, MOJO, December 2003

For ten years hip hop duo OutKast have crafted wild, genre-defying music. Now, following their 2-CD masterpiece, it looks like that relationship might well be ...

OutKast: Speakboxxx/The Love Below (Arista)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Uncut, 2004

THE YIN AND YANG of epicene dandy André 3000 and straight-up, pit-bull-ownin’ Big Boi may yet prove OutKast’s undoing. If so, the duo at least ...

OutKast: Superfunk Brothers

Profile and Interview by Chris Campion, Observer Music Monthly, 22 February 2004

Outkast are a rap act like no other - as interested in Kate Bush as in hardcore hip hop, and as likely to be found ...

Outkast: It's a Double Standard, Kemosabe

Comment by Kandia Crazy Horse,, 25 February 2004

Whatever led André to think that even an inkling of "redface" would be any more acceptable than blackface minstrelsy has been to Americans of African ...

OutKast: Idlewild

Review by Dan Gennoe, Q, 2006

ANYONE FEARING that the Day-Glo brilliance of 2003's triple Grammy winner, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, might have marked the height of the Atlanta duo's R&B powers ...

OutKast: Idlewild

Review by Angus Batey, MOJO, October 2006

After their last album suggested a split, OutKast get it together again in spectacular fashion. Just don't call it a comeback, says Angus Batey. ...

An Album of the Year 2000: OutKast: Stankonia

Retrospective by Mike Diver, Drowned in Sound, 26 October 2011

WHAT INITIALLY seems like a throwaway title of nonsensical playfulness is actually a very astute summary of the first truly great rap record of the ...


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