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P. F. Sloan

P. F. Sloan

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A Portrait: P.F. Sloan — A Many-Colored Personality Revealed Here

Interview by Eden, KRLA Beat, 6 November 1965

AT SOME time during your childhood, you may have had the experience of peering through a kaleidoscope with its multitude of shapes and designs. Part ...

On Records: The Folk-Rock Rage

Review by Robert Shelton, The New York Times, 30 January 1966

FOLK-ROCK, which mixes the simplicity of folk music with the frenetic rhythmic heat of the electrically amplified sound of rock 'n' roll, caused one of ...

Dave Mason & Cass Elliott, Ballin' Jack, P.F. Sloan: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA

Live Review by Todd Everett, Phonograph Record, February 1971

THE WORLD debut of Dave Mason's new group, featuring Cass Elliot, was a noteworthy occasion in more ways than one. For second billed was Ballin' ...

P.F. Sloan Reveals the Jewish Origins of 'Eve of Destruction'

Retrospective and Interview by Steven Rosen, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, 2006

'EVE OF DESTRUCTION', the famous folk-rock-protest hit record from 1965, isn't usually regarded as a specifically Jewish song. Or even a religious one, for that ...

The Stars That Fame Forgot: P. F. Sloan

Profile and Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, August 2006

"P.F. Sloan gave us arguably the first real 'protest rock'. It wasn't folk music anymore, it was ROCK AND ROLL protest music. 'Eve of Destruction' ...

P.F. Sloan

Profile and Interview by Gene Sculatti, USA Today, 14 August 2006

"THE EASTERN WORLD, it is explodin'/ Violence flarin,' bullets loadin'." Some things never change. ...

P.F. Sloan

Interview by Jeff Tamarkin, Harp, September 2006

PF SLOAN was a 19-year-old bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders when he wrote the protest classic 'Eve of Destruction' back in ...

PF Sloan: Rising from 'Destruction'

Profile and Interview by j. poet, San Francisco Chronicle, 24 September 2006

"PF SLOAN was born sometime between midnight and dawn on an inspired evening in 1964," PF Sloan says, from his small Los Angeles apartment. That ...

P.F. Sloan: Requiem For An Icon of Song

Retrospective by Kirk Silsbee, Glendale News-Press, 2 January 2016

SONGWRITER P.F. Sloan died in November of pancreatic cancer, at age 70.  Though the general music audience has seldom known his name, among singers and tunesmiths ...


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