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Pearl Harbor & The Explosions

Pearl Harbor & The Explosions

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The Clash, Bo Diddley,Pearl Harbor & The Explosions: Community Theater, Berkeley CA

Live Review by Howie Klein, New York Rocker, April 1979

EXCEPT FOR the fact that they're probably the best performing band around, there's something almost superfluous to Clashness about the band's shows. Wait a minute ...

The Sophisticated Boom-Boom of Pearl Harbor & the Explosions

Profile by Byron Coley, New York Rocker, July 1979

IN MAY 1966 my fifth grade English teacher, Ms. Sarah Graufmann (hi, Sarah!), asked that the class write down the place they would most like ...

Everbody's Boring but Pearl Harbour!

Interview by Iman Lababedi, Creem, July 1981

AT THE END of a nine-week American tour, on Easter Sunday 1980 in San Francisco, Pearl Harbour and the Explosions, er, exploded. Due to musical ...

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