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Pop Will Eat Itself

Pop Will Eat Itself


Pop Will Eat Itself: Canoe Dig It?

Report by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, October 1990

All Hands on Dick as Dave 'Chippolata' Harper of RCA goes canoeing with Pop Will Eat Itself done up in rubber in downtown Staines, home ...


Pop Will Eat Itself

Interview by Terry Staunton, New Musical Express, June 1986

POP WILL EAT ITSELF drink tea, say "GRRrrr!", play live sets atrocious enough to necessitate post-gig disguises, and make faces at the Mary Chain, Siouxsie ...

Stump, That Petrol Emotion, Pop Will Eat Itself: Bay 63, London

Live Review by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, September 1986


Pop Will Eat Itself: Would You Let Your Sister Date One Of These Guys?

Interview by Jack Barron, Sounds, December 1986

Brash, wild and loudmouthed, POP WILL EAT ITSELF may be the rock noise of 1986 but are they ideologically sound? JACK BARRON looks behind their ...

Pop Will Eat Itself: Brielport, Dienze, Belgium

Live Review by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, October 1988


Pop Will Eat Itself (and Public Enemy): Scrapping With Rap

Report and Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, October 1988

AS DEF JAM'S happy rap panto rolls through Europe, Pop Will Eat Itself and Public Enemy are getting on fine. Unfortunately the hordes of Belgian ...

Pop Will Eat Itself/Nasty Rox Inc: Town & Country Club, London

Live Review by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, February 1989

NASTY ROX INC look like slobs but have a beat which cuts it. Their rock/hip hop amalgam makes all the right moves, yet never manages ...

Pop Will Eat Itself: Porn to be Wild

Interview by Push, Melody Maker, June 1990

NEITHER THE Football Association nor, astonishingly, FIFA's UK representatives are entirely sure who will be presenting the 1990 World Cup to the winners in Italy ...

Pop Will Eat Itself: Cure for Sanity; Malcolm McLaren: Round the Outside! Round the Outside!

Review by Chuck Eddy, Rolling Stone, April 1991

EVER SINCE the Who and the Stones, if not the Revolutionary War, uppity British ironists have made a habit of "elevating" vulgar American pop crazes ...

Reading '91: Reading, Writhing And Riffmatic

Live Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, September 1991

FRIDAY: IT WAS obvious, really – he had to say it. Who better than His Supreme Iggyness Of Pop, the Godfather of (s)punk rock, to ...

Pop Will Eat Itself: We're Not Serious Artists

Report and Interview by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, January 1993

THE GIGTHE FIRST-TIME I see Pop Will Eat Itself, It is nine o'clock on Wednesday, Clint is wearing baggy white pyjamas, Graham is fiddling with ...

Pop Will Eat Itself: No One Likes Us, We Don't Care

Interview by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, March 1995

SO NO ONE likes Pop Will Eat Itself, and they don't care. Not strictly true, of course – after all, they've enjoyed a good dozen ...

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