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Young Rascals Pick Appropriate Name

Interview by Louise Criscione, KRLA Beat, 12 February 1966

BECAUSE THEY were over three hours late for the interview and because they hadn't even bothered to phone and explain that they would be late, ...

On the Beat

Column by Louise Criscione, KRLA Beat, 26 March 1966

SAD NEWS for Byrd lovers — Gene Clark is suffering from "nervous strain" and has been advised by doctors not to undertake any further personal ...

The Young Rascals Inside a Phone Booth

Profile by Louise Criscione, KRLA Beat, 2 July 1966

OUTSIDE IT'S cold. Very. This time of the year in New York always is. Inside the Phone Booth it's hot — Los Angeles during August. ...

Platter Chatter: Albums from Love, Righteous Brothers et al

Review by uncredited writer, Hit Parader, October 1966

LOVE has an interesting album. Love, by the way, is the name of the group.  ...

Note the name well — the Young Rascals

Interview by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 10 December 1966

LAST WEEK an American group, the Young Rascals, visited England. ...

They May Not Have Had A Hit, But Paul McCartney Saw Them Twice! (They're the Young Rascals)

Report by Miranda Ward, Record Mirror, 7 January 1967

PAUL MCCARTNEY went to see them twice. As did BILL WYMAN, BRIAN JONES, KEITH MOON and many others. Them? THE YOUNG RASCALS. ...

Pop Eye: Mover

Profile and Interview by Richard Goldstein, The Village Voice, 19 January 1967

"HOW MANY columns you get in Newsweek?" ...

The Young Rascals' Peace Tour...

Interview by Bill Harry, Record Mirror, 21 October 1967

HAD A CALL from Felix Cavaliere, organist with The Young Rascals during his recent short visit here. He told me: "I'm only here for forty-eight ...

Shooting The Rascals

Report by Jacoba Atlas, KRLA Beat, 24 February 1968

SOUNDSTAGES EVEN at major motion picture studios tend to be barns. But when you rent one on Sunset Blvd. down the street from Columbia Pictures ...

Albums from Otis Redding, the Young Rascals and Vanilla Fudge

Review by uncredited writer, KRLA Beat, 4 April 1968

THE DOCK OF THE BAY (Volt) Otis Redding. 'Open the Door', 'Tramp', 'Glory of Love' plus nine other tracks. ...

The Rascals, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Tommy James and the Shondells: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Ann Moses, New Musical Express, 31 August 1968


The Rascals: See

Review by Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stone, 19 March 1970

SOMETIMES ONE wonders if the (Young) Rascals wouldn't be better off just making hit singles. ...

Five Years Of The Rascals

Retrospective by Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stone, 10 June 1971

I KNOW THIS may be sound a little overboard, but there once was a time when the Young Rascals were the greatest rock & roll ...

The Young Rascals: Five years of the Rascals

Profile by Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stone, 10 June 1971

I KNOW THIS may sound a little overboard, but there once was a time when the Young Rascals were the greatest rock & roll band ...

The Rascals

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, 2001

Eddie Brigati, b. 22 October 1946; Felix Cavaliere, b. 29 November 1943; Gene Cornish, b. 14 May 1945; Dino Danelli, b. 23 July 1945 ...

The Rascals: The Definitive Rascals

Sleeve notes by Gene Sculatti, Rhino, February 2007

"THE FIRST ALBUM wasn't us," Felix Cavaliere confided to Hit Parader magazine in 1968. "It was our interpretation of other people's music. 'Good Lovin'' was ...

The Rascals: Capitol Theatre, Port Chester

Live Review by Steven R Rosen, Blurt, December 2012

AS I WALKED into the crowded lobby of the just-restored Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, a suave, dapperly dressed older man smiled and ...

The Rascals On Broadway

Live Review by Mark Leviton, Rock's Backpages, 17 May 2013

BEFORE THE LIGHTS dimmed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on 46th Street in Manhattan to signal the start of The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream, ...

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers reunite for Once Upon a Dream

Interview by Jim Sullivan, Cape Cod Times, 22 June 2013

IT'S THE SHOW you never thought you would see in 2013: a concert by the Rascals — once the Young Rascals, a chart-topping band of ...

The Rascals and the Rock-Soul Explosion

Retrospective by Mitchell Cohen, Music Aficionado, October 2019

THE SEPTEMBER 2014 event at NYU's Provincetown Playhouse was formally billed as a Songwriters Hall of Fame Master Session, but when it concluded with John ...

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