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Ronald Shannon Jackson

Ronald Shannon Jackson


Ronald Shannon Jackson & the Decoding Society: Mandance (Antilles)

Review by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, October 1982


1982 Black Music Report

Overview by Paul Yamada, Coolest Retard, March 1983

THE PAST FEW years have brought much that is new or at least different to contemporary black music, and though both white and black tastes ...

Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society: Roundhouse, London

Live Review by Richard Williams, Times, The, March 1983

AS THE ONLY drummer to have appeared on record with Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman, three of the grand masters of the jazz ...

Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society

Interview by Don Snowden, LA Weekly, November 1983

If you've tapped into the East Coast/international jazz press recently, you've no doubt seen Ronald Shannon Jackson touted as "the future of jazz drumming" and ...

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