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Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley (1975)

Interview by Ira Robbins, Rock's Backpages audio, 25 February 1975

Mr Harley expounds on his dislike of the British music press; the influences on his songwriting, and consciously stealing; being in the third generation of pop artists, and wanting to be artistic and modern; the break-up of the first Cockney Rebel, and his onstage power.

File format: mp3; file size: 31.6mb, interview length: 32' 53" sound quality: **½

Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley (1982)

Interview by Larry Jaffee, Rock's Backpages audio, 1982

The cockney rebel talks about his relative failure in America; his songs and songwriting; his new experience on the theatrical stage in musical drama Marlowe, and the similarities and differences between theatrical and rock performance.

File format: mp3; file size: 79.9mb, interview length: 1h 27' 13" sound quality: ***

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Steve Harley: Mr Soft gets tough

Interview by Pete Makowski, Sounds, 2 November 1974

Meek, mild mannered Pete Makowski sacrifices his tape machine to the meanderings of that nasty Steve Harley, at home, as always, tearing at the throats ...

Steve Harley Interviewed

Interview by Ira Robbins, Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press, April 1975

Hear the audio interview from which this article derived ...

Steve Harley at the Hammersmith Odeon

Live Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 19 April 1975

INSIDE THE HALL you could tell it would be one of those nights. Row upon row of bowler-hatted disciples clutched onto their Harley scarves in ...

Steve Harley Says It Loud: 'I'm Back And I'm Proud!

Interview by Caroline Coon, Melody Maker, 7 February 1976

SO LONG AS the braggadocio who boasts "I'm the greatest" or "I'm a star" continues to climb up the success ladder, sceptics and critics are ...

Steve Harley: Love's a Prima Donna

Review by Lester Bangs, Circus, 31 January 1977

YOU'VE GOTTA FEEL sorry for Steve Harley. Aside from not having as much talent as Arthur Brown, he's really gotten the stult end of the ...

Be Bop Deluxe: Live! In The Air Age/Steve Harley: Face To Face/Ian Hunter: Overnight Angels

Review by Ira Robbins, Crawdaddy!, November 1977

Every British band knows it: only American success buys the Bentleys. Be Bop Deluxe, Steve Harley and Ian Hunter have all had their stateside ups ...

Steve Harley: How I Survived, by the Cocaine Rebel

Interview by Mal Peachey, Mail On Sunday, 2 May 1993

  ONCE STEVE Harley had it all. Every song he wrote was a hit, every friend he made was famous and every lover was a fashion ...

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