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Profile and Interview by Simon Witter, Sky, December 1993

"HELLO! WHAT HAVE WE GOT HERE?!" asks Brett Anderson rhetorically, staring at the fluff he has just removed from his ear. "I haven't taken these ...

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Suede (1993)

Interview by Steven Daly, Rock's Backpages Audio, Spring 1993

Brett Anderson and Mat Osman talk about being out of place and initially dismissed as a joke; about Suede's breakthrough; their non-nostalgic Englishness; the effect of Melody Maker's "greatest band" headline; being provincial; the importance of the Smiths; lyrical concerns; their relationship with the UK's Nude label while being signed to Columbia in America; how they reach their fans; the US resistance to British pop and the nature of "taking America" (or not).

File format: mp3; file size: 56.1mb; Interview length: 58' 29"; sound quality: ****

Suede's Brett Anderson (1997)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, 6 March 1997

Speaking from a Singapore hotel room, the Suede frontman talks about new album Coming Up; the band's popularity abroad; what London means to him, and looks back at Britpop.

File format: mp3; file size: 22.5mb, interview length: 24' 37" sound quality: ** (phoner)

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Suede: Underworld, Camden, London

Live Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 11 January 1992

OH MY WORD. Proud survivors of a transformation, Suede stalk the Underworld stage like a snarling, growling rock beast. Now one guitarist lighter, they've compensated ...

Suede: Afrika Centre, London

Live Review by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, 9 May 1992

THOSE OF you by now wearied of the periodic meanders up the garden path you have made at this paper's behest will read this, as ...

Suede: Roll Over, Jimmy Dean

Interview by Simon Reynolds, The Observer, 9 June 1992

"WHEN WE STARTED the group, we felt that people were starved for music which allowed them to let themselves go," says Brett Anderson, Suede's 24-year-old ...

Suede: Camden Underworld, London

Live Review by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 13 June 1992


Suede: What's a Nice Band Like You Doing in a Field Like This?

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 29 August 1992

Since we scooped the lot and put SUEDE on the cover of MM back in April, the world has started falling at their feet. SIMON ...

Suede: The Brettish Movement

Interview by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 5 September 1992

They're grandly egocentric, they're glad to be fey, they think they're God's gift — and they might be right. Heaven knows, they're visceral now, and ...

Stroking Suede's ego

Interview by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 3 October 1992

Caitlin Moran discovers it's hard to be humble when you're the coolest Best Band in Britain ...

Suede: SW1 Club, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 22 October 1992

BARELY six months old, Suede are attracting extravagant hyperbole. The London foursome have been deemed the best British guitar band since the Smiths, and their ...


Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Vogue, November 1992

ONE IS swayed by Suede. For all their foppish airs and graces, their teasing glam-rock quotes, there is a real meat to their music which ...

Suede: Suede (Nude)

Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 27 March 1993


Brett Anderson & Morrissey: Suedegate

Comment by Sheryl Garratt, The Face, May 1993

Does this magazine print deliberate lies? Well actually no, we don't ...

Suede: Suede (Nude)

Review by Stuart Maconie, Q, May 1993

BEFORE ALL this took off, Brett Anderson, Suede's 25-year-old singer, would gloomily tick off each passing birthday as another year gone without his appearing on ...

Suede: Who Loves A Lad In Suede?

Report and Interview by Max Bell, Vox, May 1993

Suede were touted 'the best new band in Britain' before they even left the blocks, now, as they release their debut album, VOX delves behind ...

London: Ditty Old Town

Overview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 22 May 1993

From The Kinks to Carter, Bowie to Blur, the Small Faces to Suede, British pop groups have eulogised, mythologised, criticised, glamorised, immortalised, romanticised and agonised ...

Suede: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, 22 May 1993

THIS IS happening with our permission. We wanted it to happen. We virtually willed it to happen. Suede are this season's singing saviours because we ...

Suede: All That Glitters

Interview by Steven Daly, Rolling Stone, 27 May 1993

England's new Band of the Century hits a glam slam ...

Suede in the U.S.A.

Report and Interview by Simon Reynolds, Spin, June 1993

Britain’s new white-hot hope brings its liberated sexual stance to the States. Are you ready to get Suede? ...

Suede: Paradise, Boston MA

Live Review by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 5 June 1993

Hip, retro Suede: the no-grunge alternative ...

Suede: The Best New Band In America?

Report and Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 19 June 1993

SUEDE have already proved themselves in the UK, both critically and commercially. The next step is for the fab four to cross the Atlantic and ...

Suede: The Grand, Clapham, London

Live Review by Caitlin Moran, Melody Maker, 24 July 1993


British Rockers Trot Out the Flag

Report by Simon Reynolds, The New York Times, 5 September 1993

LONDON — In rock-and-roll just as in politics, the United States and England have a special relationship. Together, they have dominated global pop. Over the decades, ...

Suede: Fan Fare for the Common Room

Report and Interview by John Harris, New Musical Express, 6 November 1993

Recently returned from their second American tour, SUEDE have decided the US is their sort of place and they want out of cynical, self-consuming Britain. ...

Suede: Dream On

Interview by Jon Savage, MOJO, January 1994

They were suburban loners who saw the potential for beauty inside the tawdry and extravagant. Together they won attention and success. As Suede step into ...

Suede: Kentish Town Forum, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 8 January 1994

Figgy Star Lust ...

Bernard Butler: Gentleman And Player

Interview by Max Bell, Vox, July 1994

When his father died last year, Bernard Butler used his guitar to assuage his grief. Now Britain's most important guitar hero since Johnny Marr has ...

Suede: While My Guitarist Swiftly Leaves

Report by John Harris, New Musical Express, 30 July 1994

What a guffing idiot, eh readers? You're the genius guitarist in SUEDE, you've just finished your second album and then... you bugger off amid rumours ...

Suede: "Nothing Can Stop Us Now"

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 24 September 1994

When Bernard Butler left SUEDE, many assumed it was all over. Far from it. On the eve of the release of the long-awaited Dog Man ...

Suede: Dog Man Star (Nude/All formats)

Review by John Harris, New Musical Express, 1 October 1994


Suede: Raw, London

Live Review by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 22 October 1994


Suede: Meet the New Boy

Interview by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 29 October 1994

Dartmoor, Devon, and the mist-shrouded figure wrapped in a Victorian great-coat playing the role of Flashman can only be BRETT ANDERSON. But how is Housewife ...

Effete of Clay — Suede: City Hall, Hull

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 31 October 1994

Brett Anderson forsakes camp as Suede struggle to impress in Hull ...

Bark Psychosis: Suede: Dog Man Star (Nude) ****

Review by Stuart Maconie, Select, November 1994

Introducing the ban… Oh, too late! But rejoice! Brett and co have made high drama out of their crisis. ...

Suede: Dog Man Star (Nude)

Review by David Sinclair, Q, November 1994

SUEDE'S FANS have always been utterly unwavering in their belief in the band. But out there, in the big bad world, the group still suffers ...

The London Suede: Dog Man Star

Review by Simon Reynolds, The New York Times, 27 November 1994

A SUPERGROUP IN Britain, Suede failed to sway America last year with its heady blend of raunch guitar and flamboyant androgyny. ...

Britpop: Modern Life Is... Brilliant!

Overview by John Harris, New Musical Express, 7 January 1995

It was the year grunge died, the year of jungle... arses. It was the year that BRITISH POP found its feet again, and what's more, ...

Suede: Horse and Hounded

Report and Interview by John Harris, New Musical Express, 14 January 1995

Has it all gone wrong for SUEDE? Dog Man Star not accorded the status they wished for, doubt over Richard Oakes' ability to better Bernard, ...

Suede: Introducing the band techs

Interview by Tom Doyle, Melody Maker, 4 March 1995

Behind every guitar hero, there's a guitar tech sorting out his inputs from his outputs. TOM DOYLE meets the men who help put Suede on ...

The British Aren't Coming

Report by David Sinclair, Rolling Stone, 9 March 1995


The London Suede: Manhattan Center Ballroom, New York NY

Live Review by Jason Cohen, Rolling Stone, 6 April 1995

"THIS IS A boring old one," Brett Anderson says with a shrug, and then Suede ignite 'Animal Nitrate', a typically brazen concoction of straight-razor guitar, ...

New Tower Generation: Suede: The Empire Ballroom, Blackpool

Live Review by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, 3 June 1995

I'D ARRIVED WITH half an idea that maybe Suede had stopped mattering, that they'd wandered off into irrelevance, thanked for the memories but not really ...

War Child

Report and Interview by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 9 September 1995

IAN WATSON talks to the bands who are contributing to the Help album and how this project compares to pop's last major charity initiative, the ...

Suede: He Stoops To Conquer

Interview by Susan Corrigan, i-D, September 1996

You've heard the rumours. Now it's time to face the facts. After an absence of two years, Suede are rising from the ashes to return ...

Suede: Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 3 October 1996

Step aside, Oasis, the hard men are back ...

Suede: Royal Court, Liverpool

Live Review by Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker, 7 December 1996

STARSPOTTING. Robbie Fowler. Good. Hollyoaks cast. Bad. After the gig, back at the hotel, I get in the lift. Brett Anderson's pressing the button for ...

Suede: Saturday Night Fever

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 18 January 1997

Last year's resurrection of SUEDE was almost as impressive a Lazarus job as the Manics' — a Number One album, two hit singles, and the ...

London Suede's New Spirit

Interview by Clare Kleinedler, Addicted To Noise, April 1997

IT SEEMS THE London Suede is the band that everybody loves to hate. No matter how many records they sell, or how many venues they ...

Neil Tennant, Brett Anderson and Vic Reeves: Twentieth Century Blues

Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, April 1997

WHAT A SIMPLY spiffing party. The glint of expensive a jewellery, the waft of exotic perfume, the tinkle of erudite conversation "More cocaine, vicar? Help ...

Suede: Brett Anderson interviewed

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Interview, May 1997

WHEN, NEARLY three years ago, Bernard Butler walked out of Suede - or the London Suede, as they are unhappily obliged to call themselves in ...

Rejoice! Rejoice! Britpop is dead

Comment by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 28 November 1997

The jig is up, the hype exposed, and now Oasis, Pulp and the rest will have to do a proper job ...

Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs Of Noel Coward

Review by Gavin Martin, Uncut, May 1998

PAN-GENERATIONAL tribute to The Other Noel, benefiting International AIDS-prevention projects ...

Suede: Head Music (Nude)

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 29 April 1999

BROADER IN musical conception than their previous albums, Head Music reflects two basic changes in Suede's working methods since Coming Up. The most obvious is ...

Suede: Head Music (Nude NUDE14CD)

Review by Tom Doyle, Q, June 1999

No Ch-ch-changes — Standing still isn't always as easy as it looks. ...

Suede: Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Lisa Verrico, The Times, 16 November 2002

NO BAND STAYS hip for ever and Suede have been falling out of favour for a few years now, but the tepid reaction to their ...

Brett Anderson and the real rivalry of Britpop

Retrospective by John Lewis, So London, March 2007

BACK IN the heyday of Britpop, the rivalry that garnered all the column inches was that between Blur and Oasis; the nice middle-class Essex boys ...

Suede: Suede Brush Up

Interview by Jude Rogers, The Guardian, 21 October 2010

Drugs, M.E. and despair sent the poor urchins of Britpop their separate ways in 2003. Now Suede have come roaring back to life. ...

Suede: Generation of Swine

Retrospective and Interview by Martin Aston, MOJO, June 2011

Four pale, skinny suburban fops, inspired by Bowie and The Smiths, at the start of 1994 SUEDE were British pop saviours, poised for greatness. But ...

Bassists: Let's Stick Together

Overview by James Medd, The Word, February 2012

They are "the glue" that cements the music, the mysterious put-upon souls plying their crucial trade in a cloud of dry ice by the drum-riser. ...

Cheating The "Living Death": Suede Interviewed

Interview by Luke Turner, The Quietus, March 2013

They triumphed with their live return, and now they're about to release killer new album Bloodsports. Luke Turner speaks to Brett Anderson and Mat Osman ...

Suede: "Who says you can only do great stuff if you're damaged?"

Profile and Interview by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 5 Fall 2013

Good news for beautiful, conflicted outsiders: after 11 years, Suede are back – with an album that's as sharp as their singer's cheekbones. ...

Modern Life Isn't Rubbish: The Trouble With Britpop Nostalgia

Comment by Luke Turner, The Quietus, 10 April 2014

The mainstream media are currently engaged in a collective misty-eyed throwback to the 'glory days' of the mid 90s. Luke Turner, who was a teenager ...

Suede: Eventim Apollo, London — more stellar than ever in a tremendous primal celebration

Live Review by Ian Gittins, The Guardian, 14 October 2018

Brooding menace and quasi-paganism replace urban sleaze as a feral Brett Anderson gives it his all in a staggering performance ...

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