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Tanita Tikaram

Tanita Tikaram


Tanita Tikaram: The Sweet Keeper

Review by Bob Stanley, Melody Maker, January 1990

THE CONNECTION between pop stars and new towns in the Eighties – someone should have done a thesis on it. We had Depeche Mode in ...

Do Not Disturb: Tanita Tikaram

Interview by Robert Sandall, Q, February 1990

Bookish, Studious, unsurprisingly naïve, Tanita Tikaram sidestepped university at the age of 18 when her darkly sonorous vocals and "sixth-form poetry" suddenly found an international ...

Tanita Tikaram: The Sweet Keeper

Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, March 1990

TANITA TIKARAM IS blessed. She has a voice which, on the evidence so far, is incapable of sounding unattractive; strong, low and husky, hinting at ...

Tanita Tikaram: Say Halo Wave Goodbye

Interview by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, February 1991

AS EVERY HAIRDRESSER worth their shears will tell you, a radical change of hairstyle usually heralds an equally radical shift of persona. Tanita Tikaram's new ...

Tanita Tikaram: All Grown Up with Nowhere to Go?

Interview by Max Bell, Vox, March 1991

TANITA TIKARAM DOESN'T think she is famous and can't bear to call herself a celebrity. ...

Tanita Tikaram: Eleven Kinds of Loveliness

Interview by Nick Hornby, Independent, The, February 1995

TANITA TIKARAM IS 25 years old, and she already knows who she wants to perform on her tribute album. ...

Tanita Tikaram: "I Was An Odd Kid"

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, June 2005

SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, during her first flush of success as a precocious young songwriter, Tanita Tikaram was lampooned by 'Smash Hits'. Under a photo of ...

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