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Tony Bennett (1993)

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Rock's Backpages audio, 1 May 1993

Anthony Dominick Benedetto on his album of Sinatra covers, Perfectly Frank; on being an interpreter; his passion to sing and paint; being named Bennett by Bob Hope; the influence of Bing Crosby, and the American Songbook; his love of bebop; "concept" albums, and recording with Bill Evans; his friendship with David Hockney, and on painting; the Forty Years box set; the changes in the music business, and his nostalgia for the old Miami and Vegas.

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Tony Bennett (1998)

Interview by David Stubbs, Rock's Backpages audio, October 1998

The American Great (and daughter Antonia) talk about Radio City Music Hall, the Great American Songbook, his return to the spotlight, his family and Depression upbringing, and a whole lot more, whilst tasting the delights of Teodora's cuisine.

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Tony Bennett Has Yo-Yo Hit

Report by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 3 December 1965

PROBABLY the oddest chart story of the year lies behind 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco' — the silky, sophisticated Tony Bennett disc which ...

Tony Bennett: 'Paul McCartney Has a Spirit That Moves Me'

Interview by David Griffiths, Record Mirror, 6 April 1968

THOUGH THE MUSICAL approach of Tony Bennett – and the bands he works with, such as Buddy Rich – is not usually treated with adulation ...

Tony Bennett: Mr. D's, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 19 July 1969

Tony's Lasting Spell ...

Tony Bennett: Return of the singer's singer

Interview by Ivor Davis, Daily Express, 21 April 1976

Ivor Davis finding what put Tony Bennett into that elusive big league ...

Tony Bennett: "The Best Singer In The Business" — Frank Sinatra

Interview by Mark Rowland, Musician, December 1986

TONY BENNETT has recorded eighty-nine albums in a career spanning more than three decades, all on Columbia records. But his latest effort, The Art Of ...

Tony Bennett: Rebirth of the Cool

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Spin, February 1988

TONY BENNETT is cool. I have felt this way since the early '60s. Sinatra was hip, but Tony was cool. He was a swinger singer. ...

Barry Manilow: Swing Street (Arista LP/Cassette/CD); Tony Bennett: Bennett/Berlin (CBS LP and cassette)

Review by Fred Dellar, New Musical Express, 5 March 1988

ARISTA'S SWING Street hails the return of Bazza the jazzer. The man who once put more bums on the grass at Blenheim than Churchill had ...

Hi-De-Hi-Me To The Moon: Tony Bennett At Butlins

Report by Michael Gray, Daily Telegraph, 30 December 1990

IT WAS AN ADVERT in a tabloid that caught my eye. "Lose Your Heart To Tony Bennett... Butlin's Super Weekend Break." Mesmerised, I read on: ...

Tony Bennett: Forty Years — The Artistry of Tony Bennett (Columbia/legacy)

Review by Mark Rowland, Musician, September 1991

THERE'S NO ONE so cold as a cold Italian, the saying goes. And as this lovingly crafted, four-CD boxed set demonstrates, there's none so warm ...

My Weirdest Gig

Report and Interview by Roy Trakin, Musician, February 1994

Collapsing stages in Japan! Elephant farts in Vegas! Eskimo shows in Alaska! A Survey of Abominable Venues and Disastrous Shows! ...

Tony Bennett: This Smarming Man

Interview by Sylvia Patterson, New Musical Express, 20 August 1994

He left his heart in San Francisco in 1962 and it won him two Grammies, confirming his status as the cool crooner. Three decades later, ...

Tony Bennett: Taj Mahal, Atlantic City NJ

Live Review by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, 24 September 1994

IMAGINE GOING to see a man old enough to have been old at the birth or rock'n'roll, singing ballads inside a gigantic hotel with more ...

Tony Bennett: Take the L Train

Interview by Chris Bourke, New Zealand Listener, April 1995

AUCKLAND HAD TWO music legends in town over Easter Weekend. While the Rolling Stones dazzled the Western Springs ampitheatre with millions of dollars of high ...

Tony Bennett: The Croon Prince

Interview by David Stubbs, New Musical Express, 21 November 1998

He wowed all at Glastonbury and is revered by everyone from Jarvis to Elvis Costello. Here's your ten-point guide to why you young whippersnappers should ...

Tony Bennett: The Art Of Romance (Columbia)

Review by John Lewis, Time Out, October 2004

FOR NEARLY 50 years, Bennett seems to have straddled two careers. ...

An interview with Tony Bennett

Interview by Maureen Paton, You, 10 December 2006

I'VE LEFT MY heart in a London taxi that dropped Tony Bennett off at the Dorchester Hotel. The man who has made his 1962 hit ...

Tony Bennett: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Live Review by Simon Morrison, Manchester Evening News, 6 July 2010

THE HOUSE LIGHTS dim, the lush red backlight bathes the band in a kind of mythical warmth and tonight, the rather grandiose environs of the ...

Tony Bennett: "Legalise drugs!"

Interview by Jude Rogers, The Word, September 2011

Reformed doper, WW2 footsoldier, gilt-tonsilled balladeer — Tony Bennett takes a cable car to the top of Mount Wisdom ...

Tony Bennett: Palladium, London *****

Live Review by Jude Rogers, The Guardian, 4 October 2011

THIS IS HOW to do it. At 85, Tony Bennett scampers on to the Palladium stage in a perfectly pressed suit, a folded red hankie ...

Tony Bennett: Swinging with the stars

Interview by Robin Eggar, The Sunday Times, 18 December 2016

From Basie, Bill Evans and all that jazz to duets with Amy and Gaga, Tony Bennett has lived a life in song. Take a bow, ...


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