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The Story of the Wylie

Report and Interview by Neil Tennant, Smash Hits, January 1983

THE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON run-through for Top Of The Pops is a chaotic affair. In front of one of the three stages in the studio, a ...

The Mighty Wah! This Man Is Not 'A Moaner'

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Smash Hits, July 1984

In fact, Pete Wylie of The Mighty Wah! says he hates moaners. He used to slag off other groups all the time but now he's ...

The Mighty Wah!: Waaaugh!

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, September 1984

WHAM! The door opens and it's Wah! The mighty WAH! There he is! ...

Wah & Peace

Interview by Chris Roberts, Uncut, May 2000

NINE YEARS AGO, Pete Wylie, who is The Mighty WAH!, was considered hot. Again. He leaned on a railing in Liverpool. It gave way and ...

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