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Poison: Flesh & Blood (Enigma)/Winger: In the Heart of the Young (Atlantic)/Warrant: Cherry Pie (Columbia)

Review by Deborah Frost, The Village Voice, 18 September 1990

KIP WINGER is a hunk. And what a perfect hunk he is. With his Harlequin hero name, decepticon logo, and carefully exposed nipple, he's engineered ...

Warrant: Cherry Pie

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, 18 October 1990

IN VIEW OF MÖTLEY CRÜE’S AND OZZY Osbourne’s ongoing mega-stardom, it’s hard to imagine that success in heavy metal is the result of anything other ...

Warrant: Up To Date With The Down Boys

Interview by Metal Mike Saunders, BAM, 18 September 1992

AS GOOD A place as any to start here might be with a letter I wrote to an unnamed Pacific Northwest fanzine editor on January ...

Who Killed the Hair Bands?

Report by Alan di Perna, Musician, May 1995

IN JANUARY OF 1992, singer Vince Neil appeared on the cover of this magazine, lighting a cigar with a thousand-dollar bill. His band, Mötley Crüe, ...


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