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Waterboys, The

Waterboys, The

Photo: Lynn Goldsmith


The Waterboys: Scott Yet Another God Like Genius

Interview by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, August 1984

"I SOMETIMES thought that in the old days the young men of the tribe would want to grow up to be great warriors. In our ...

Something About The Waterboys

Interview by Dave DiMartino, Creem, April 1986

SUPPOSE FOR JUST a moment there was a fellow who named his band the Waterboys because "a Waterboy was something fluid and ever-changing" and also ...

That Sinking Feeling: The Waterboys: Room To Roam (Ensign)

Review by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, September 1990

OH DEAR. Let's establish this from the start. This is not The Waterboys' record we've been waiting for. This is not the way we wanted ...

The Waterboys: Beacon Theater, New York NY

Live Review by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, January 1991

ON THE Waterboys' 1988 tour, the stage was thick with musicians playing Irish folk instruments while leader Mike Scott hung back on acoustic guitar. But ...

The Waterboys

Interview by Robert Sandall, Q, May 1991

"NOBODY SETS OUT TO BAFFLE PEOPLE; at least, I don't think they do." As general observations go, this sounds sensible enough, and it causes no ...

The Waterboys' Mike Scott

Interview by Gavin Martin, Uncut, April 1998

MIKE SCOTT, singer/songwriter and former leader of The Waterboys, gushes over his formative influences, from Gaelic roots to gospel, from Van Morrison to Dylan ...

Mike Scott: The Big Music

Interview by Jon Wilde, Uncut, April 2004

When The Waterboys made This Is The Sea, it was described as an Astral Weeks for the '80s, and MIKE SCOTT was touted as the ...

Mike Scott

Profile and Interview by Graeme Thomson, Word, The, 2006

OF ALL THE PLACES to establish a spiritual community, one mile from a RAF base seems a trifle ill-conceived: transcendence must require every ounce of ...

There's Something In The Water: The Waterboys' This Is The Sea at 25

Retrospective and Interview by Wyndham Wallace, Quietus, The, April 2011

Wyndham Wallace talks to Mike Scott of The Waterboys about his classic album This Is The Sea, 25 years on from its release… ...

The Waterboys: An Appointment With Mr Yeats

Review by Wyndham Wallace, Quietus, The, September 2011

THOUGH MIKE SCOTT'S attempt to marry the poetry of William Butler Yeats to his own music has been promised for two decades, it offers neither ...

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