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James Carr: At the Dark End of the Soul

Profile and Interview by Robert Gordon, LA Weekly, May 1993

THE WALLS OF the office are mostly bare, the blue carpeting subdued. The fax machine in the corner seems like an anachronism. Only the large ...

Alex Chilton, Jim Dickinson: Jim Dickinson: Earth Father

Retrospective and Interview by Robert Gordon, MOJO, October 1994

Backwoods, Mississippi. Home to Jim Dickinson, the revered producer and professional redneck whose work spans the story of Southern music from Sun Records to Big ...

The Cure: Robert Smith: A Suitable Case for Treatment

Interview by Fiona Russell Powell, Face, The, October 1985

"We can't make it. We are ready to die when we are born. We are the patsies. And I hate the intellectual freak who realises ...

The Cure: Practical Poprock

Profile and Interview by Ian Birch, Melody Maker, 24 March 1979

That's the Cure, the no-image band who do more with less to charismatic effect. IAN BIRCH probed the mystery. ...

The Cure's Simon Gallup (1995)

Interview by Johnny Black, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1995

The Cure's bass player Simon Gallup talks about Lol Tolhurst, about getting married, and about the band's life on the road.

File format: mp3; in 2 parts, total file sizes: 44.7mb, total interview length: 51' 03" sound quality: ****

Tav Falco's Panther Burns: Tav Falco

Book Excerpt by Robert Gordon, 'Memphis Rent Party' (Bloomsbury), June 2018

TAV LOOKED at me and said, "Our show was great. We cleared the room." A pal of mine was at the smallish San Francisco club ...

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