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CounterPunch is a magazine published in the United States 10 times a year that covers politics and other topics in a manner its editors describe as "muckraking with a radical attitude" It is also available online.

The Clash, Joe Strummer: Joe Strummer is Dead; Long Live the Clash!

Obituary by Gavin Martin, CounterPunch, December 2002

THE CHRISTMAS CARD from Joe Strummer and family arrived by email on Sunday night, a seasonal greeting accompanied by Joe's colourful illustration of a fantasy ...

Solomon Burke: Brother Solomon Burke

Obituary by Peter Stone Brown, CounterPunch, October 2010

THE ROLLING STONES introduced me to Solomon Burke when they covered his classic, 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love', on their third album, released in the ...

Garland Jeffreys: Truth Serum

Review by Peter Stone Brown, CounterPunch, September 2013

FOR MORE THAN four decades, Garland Jeffreys has been playing, writing, performing, always close to the top, but somehow remaining the invisible man who never ...

Jackson Browne: Standing in the Breach

Review by Peter Stone Brown, CounterPunch, October 2014

IN 1974, JACKSON BROWNE released his third album, his masterpiece Late For The Sky, a record that was brilliantly constructed in every way from the ...

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