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Plan B

Plan B was a monthly music magazine founded in June 2004 by writer Everett True, and based in London, England. It catered mainly towards independent music, but also documented alternative culture such as film, comics, video games, visual art and books. The magazine ceased publication in May 2009.

12 articles

Blonde Redhead: The Social, Nottingham

Live Review by Neil Kulkarni, Plan B, June 2004

I LET MY daughter do my make-up tonight. She has a delicate touch, combined with an innate understanding of excessive face paint and its ability ...

The Von Bondies: Sex the Von Bondies Way

Interview by Everett True, Plan B, June 2004

The anatomy of a Detroit love affair; or, why we no longer want to fuck The Von Bondies ...

Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse

Review by Everett True, Plan B, June 2004

IT'S SONIC YOUTH. It comforts. It cajoles. It caresses. It's classic rock. ...

Can: Monster Movie/Tago Mago/Ege Bamyasi/Soundtracks

Review by Frances Morgan, Plan B, September 2004

MY MEMORIES aren't sepia-tinted; they're midnight-blue and smile-white, fleet-footed but with ash on my toes and holes in my tights where I kicked off my ...

Joanna Newsom: Daydream Believer

Profile and Interview by Frances Morgan, Plan B, September 2004

Joanna Newsom is a new kind of folk heroine, plucking out spells and lullabies on 46 thrumming strings. ...

Marine Girls: An Interview

Retrospective and Interview by Everett True, Plan B, September 2004

20 years ago, Marine Girls made two albums of beautifully minimal girly pop based round a shared love for flapjacks, Young Marble Giants and the ...

The Dirtbombs: The Beach, Brighton

Live Review by Stevie Chick, Plan B, October 2004

ALL WE CAN HEAR is the jackhammer beat, drummers Ben Blackwell and Patrick Pantano pummelling the traps with hypnotic, metronomic klang, cowbell and bass drum ...

Plush: 12 Bar Club, London

Live Review by Frances Morgan, Plan B, February 2005

HE'S SINGING guide vocals, marking the chords on a chiming Gibson. Wordless lilts warm him up and take us down; sweet meetings of finger and ...

Lydia Lunch: The Bottom Line: Everett True meets Lydia Lunch

Interview by Everett True, Plan B, February 2005

"I ALWAYS BRING my prophylactic along on touragainst other people's germs — the mic cover. If you smell mics, you know why. They're raunchy. When ...

The Mars Volta: Frances The Mute

Review by Stevie Chick, Plan B, February 2005

A thing of gaudy glory and ensnaring riddles that returns all the concentration you invest in it. ...

Arcade Fire: King's College, London

Live Review by Frances Morgan, Plan B, April 2005

WE WERE LATE, and lost. We took the lift and arrived at the wrong floor. I asked a white-shirted boy where the band were. Which ...

Infinite Livez

Interview by Neil Kulkarni, Plan B, April 2007

WHAT ARE you playing at? "Not what you think" whispers Infinite Livez, Big Dada's most wayward emissary and co–creator (alongside Swedish electrojazz–duo Stade) of a ...

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