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Words & Music was a monthly magazine published between 1971 and 1973 in New York.

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Al Green's Free Music: A Groove Instead of a Hustle

Profile and Interview by Bob Merlis, Words & Music, June 1972

AL GREEN is a rare commodity in today's music marketplace — he's a third (maybe fourth) generation bluesman, although he doesn't admit as much. A ...

David Bowie: Phallus in Pigtails, or the Music of the Spheres Considered as Cosmic Boogie

Essay by Ron Ross, Words & Music, July 1972

MIGHT ONE suggest that "the longer one studies life and literature, the more strongly one feels that behind everything that is wonderful stands the individual, ...

James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Isaac Hayes, Melvin Van Peebles, The Staple Singers: R&B is B(l)ack and Involved

Comment by Bob Merlis, Words & Music, July 1972

WE'VE BEEN experiencing a remarkable phenomenon in recent months; the re-emergence of rhythm and blues as an important force in American popular music. Since it ...

Swamp Dogg: "Maybe I'm doomed to obscurity." The Jerry William, Jr. Story — the R&B Genius Nobody Knows

Profile and Interview by Bob Merlis, Words & Music, August 1972

"I'M STILL paying dues I don't have to pay," says producer-arranger-musician-singer-promotion man Jerry Williams, Jr. on the eve of his thirtieth birthday. "I should have ...

Randy Newman: Sail Away

Review by Mark Leviton, Words & Music, September 1972

Randy Newman deals with subjects and values that are all but forgotten in contemporary pop music, reflecting in his ironic, witty songs some profundities which ...

Van Dyke Parks: Discover America

Review by Mark Leviton, Words & Music, September 1972

Van Dyke Parks, surely one of the most inventive musical minds in the business, is definitely not for everybody. His first album Song Cycle came ...

Rod Stewart: Never A Dull Moment

Review by Mark Leviton, Words & Music, November 1972

ONE CAN ALWAYS COUNT on Rod for superb vocalizing, but his recordings sometimes slip because of the spottiness of the material, from marvelous to mediocre. ...

The Staple Singers: Pop Staples Looks Back

Retrospective and Interview by Bob Merlis, Words & Music, November 1972

THE STAPLE Singers will occupy a unique spot in American musical history, when that work is finally written. Their combination of those antithetical forms of ...

Rare Earth: White Brothers

Interview by Mike Jahn, Words & Music, April 1973

PETE HOORELBEKE and Gil Bridges of Rare Earth were walking down West 113th Street in Manhattan heading for a Greek restaurant called Symposium. Bridges scanned ...

Johnny Nash Is Here Again

Profile by Bob Merlis, Words & Music, June 1973

IT SHOULD blow many a rock and roll mind to realize that Johnny Nash, the man who brought reggae to the top of the charts, ...

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